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March, 2013

Don’t Forget About These Cards! Mermails from ABYR

March 27th, 2013

For months, Mermail Duelists relied on Genex Undine to send monsters like Atlantean Dragoons and Atlantean Marksman to the Graveyard, setting up big plays and raking in free cards.  But YCS Miami and Cosmo Blazer changed everything, and now the top WATER Deck, as seen in its YCS Austin victory, is focused entirely on Atlanteans and Mermails, without Genex Undine or Genex Controller.

New cards like Mermail Abyssteus made the Mermail strategy faster and more consistent, giving it better search power, more ways to discard WATER monsters for their effects, and doubling their number of Level 7’s.  The result was a surge of interest in certain cards from Abyss Rising that tied the strategy together.


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The New Way to Wind-Up

March 27th, 2013

Wind-Up Decks have competed at the top tables at almost every event for the last year or so. From winning National Championships and the occasional Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event to being an ever-present part of your Local and Regional level tournaments, Wind-Ups were, and are, a mainstay of Dueling. The recent release of Number 61: Volcasaurus in the Zexal Collection Tin gave Wind-Up Decks a great new Rank 5 monster to work with, and that means a certain toy shark from Cosmo Blazer: Special Edition is primed and ready to play a key role in new Wind-Up strategies!

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Blade Armor Ninja Returns!

March 22nd, 2013

Cosmo Blazer Special Edition hits stores today, and with it comes the re-release of two mega-popular cards from Order of Chaos: Blade Armor Ninja and Wind-Up Shark! But today, the focus is going to be on Blade Armor Ninja, a sweet Xyz Monster that can go in a wide variety of Decks.

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Don’t Forget About This Card: That Wacky Alchemy!

March 21st, 2013

In any given Duel you’re able to destroy your opponent’s monsters with Trap Cards. For common scenarios, everyone has an answer. They Summoned a monster? Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute will do the trick. They’re attacking you? Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison get the job done. And of course, you’ve got monster destruction ready for when they play a Spell Card, right?

Wait, you don’t? Well that’s probably because you forgot all about That Wacky Alchemy! from Abyss Rising! If a face-up Spell Card is sent from your opponent’s Spell & Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard, That Wacky Alchemy! can destroy any face-up monster.

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Dododo Warrior

March 20th, 2013

It’s no secret why Abyss Dweller is such a popular card. There are tons of effects out there that activate in the Graveyard, and Abyss Dweller can stop them from activating twice. But what if you want that power, but don’t want to use 2 Level 4 monsters to get it? Then you want Dododo Warrior!

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