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How Zombie Decks Work: Plaguespreader Zombie

January 7th, 2010

If you’ve ever used a Zombie Deck before, you know that it can be a very complex Deck. Because you can play and use the effects of cards in your hand, your Deck, your Extra Deck, and your Graveyard, you have to be constantly on your toes looking to make that game breaking play that will leave your opponent unable to defend himself. In order to get there, though, a lot of set up is usually required.

Rise From Your Grave!

There are many types of Zombie Decks you can choose from. Some are aggressive and use quick and powerful cards like “Zombie Master” and “Book of Life.” Others play a slower game, building up a strong hand and field with “Goblin Zombie” and “Pyramid Turtle.” There is one thing that all Zombie Deck have in common: the importance of your Graveyard.


A Zombie Deck will often have multiple ways available to bring Zombies back to life from the Graveyard, with cards like “Mezuki,” “Zombie Master,” “Il Blud,” and “Book of Life.” For this reason, it’s very important for a Zombie Deck to have a quick and easy way to get their powerful Monster Cards into the Graveyard. All it takes is one copy of “Plaguespreader Zombie” in your Graveyard to start a flurry of Synchro Summons using the many revival effects available to the Zombie Deck.

You do, however, need a way to get that “Plaguespreader Zombie” into your hand and eventually, into that Graveyard. Cards like “Goblin Zombie” and “Pyramid Turtle” can search out “Plaguespreader Zombie” to your hand or the field, or if you’re not looking for Plaguespreader, you can go for “Zombie Master,” “Mezuki,” or another Zombie from your Deck that also meets the search requirements!



The Finishing Blow!

With the ability to swarm the field so easily with its huge amount of Special Summon Effects, gathering a game-winning amount of Attack Points is a simple thing for a Zombie Deck. If you can eliminate any facedown Spells or Traps from your opponent’s side of the field, victory may just be staring you in the face! Using your library of Synchro monsters, as well as powerful monsters such as “Dark Armed Dragon” and “Il Blud,” it’s easy to get that all-important 8000 damage on the field.

Lately, Zombie Decks have been an even larger force than they were in the past. So be wary, you’ll be seeing a lot of them at your Local or Regional tournaments. Knowing how they work gives you the foundation to use them yourself, but it also gives you the foundation to start learning how to beat them.

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