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Absolute Powerforce Preview: Cactus Bouncer

February 2nd, 2010

The toughest part of building a Plant Deck is deciding what you want your Plant Deck to do. Plant Decks have so many powerful cards and combos available to them that it’s frequently hard to choose which cards to put in your Deck! Some Plant Decks play a lot of big Plant monsters and attack, others use cards like “Black Garden” to disrupt their opponents. Some even aim to pull of incredible combos on the first or second turn to win the game! “Cactus Bouncer” is a World Premiere card from Absolute Powerforce that falls somewhere between the first two categories of Plant cards. It’s sure to cause your opponent some headaches!


“Cactus Bouncer” is a high-ATK Level 4 monster with the Special Summon lockdown effect of “Archlord Kristya.” Plant Decks usually Special Summon quite a bit, so it might seem at first that locking down all Special Summons would be a bad thing, but if you think about it, “Cactus Bouncer” is a pretty sweet deal.

The easiest thing to do is to do all your Special Summoning first, and then Normal Summon your “Cactus Bouncer.” If you set yourself up to Special Summon with “Gigaplant” and “Lonefire Blossom” on the previous turn, you can use all those effects first and then Normal Summon “Cactus Bouncer.”

Since “Cactus Bouncer” has only 300 DEF, you can search it out of your Deck with “Violet Witch” and have it ready in your hand to Normal Summon. The other cool thing you can do is exploit the fact that “Cactus Bouncer” only prevents Special Summons while there is another Plant on the field.  If you have “Cactus Bouncer” and “Mystic Tomato,” or “Cactus Bouncer” and “Lord Poison,” and your opponent attacks and destroys your smaller monster, there is no longer a second Plant face-up on the field. That means you can get the effect of “Mystic Tomato” or “Lord Poison” and Special Summon a monster, even though “Cactus Bouncer” is still around! Bringing back “Tytannial, Princess of Camellias” or “Botanical Lion” to back up your “Cactus Bouncer” can be a real game-changer.


The key to making the most of your “Cactus Bouncer” is to protect it from your opponent’s attacks and effects.  “Pollinosis” lets you Tribute a Plant to negate your opponent’s Spell, Trap, or Summon. “Wall of Thorns” lets you destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters when they attack one of your Plants. Even if your opponent manages to break through all your defenses, destroy “Cactus Bouncer,” and Summon a powerful monster like “Judgment Dragon” you still have ways to turn the situation right around and win the Duel in an instant. “Mark of the Rose” is an Equip Spell that lets you remove from play a Plant in your Graveyard to take control of your opponent’s monster. Control of the monster passes back and forth every turn, but if you win in the same turn you take their monster, you don’t have to worry about control shifting back.


“Mark of the Rose” is even better in Plant Decks that use “Supervise” along with “Gigaplant” to Special Summon lots of monsters. Since it’s an Equip Spell, you can search it from your Deck, or return it from the Graveyard to your hand, using “Hidden Armory.” Thanks to “Cactus Bouncer” you can now slam the brakes on your opponent’s strategy without having to deal with any long term consequences it might have on your own plans. Play smart, and “Cactus Bouncer” will bounce your opponents right out of the Duel!