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How to Get Around Black Whirlwind

February 9th, 2010

“Black Whirlwind” is one of the strongest cards Blackwing Duelists can activate. It gives them access to all of their key monsters by letting them search for another Blackwing every time one is Normal Summoned. Fortunately, there are a bunch of cards you can use to stop it.

Black Whirlwind is a Continuous Spell Card

Since “Black Whirlwind” is a Continuous Spell Card, it’s vulnerable to all of the commonly played Spell and Trap Card removal. If you use “Mystical Space Typhoon” or “Dust Tornado” to destroy it when your opponent Summons a Blackwing, you’ll stop him from searching his Deck with the effect of “Black Whirlwind.”

Did your opponent just Summon “Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame” with “Black Whirlwind” face-up on the field? Don’t worry! Chain “Mystical Space Typhoon” to “Black Whirlwind’s” effect to destroy “Black Whirlwind.” Then your opponent won’t be able to search his Deck for that “Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow” he really wanted.


Use these to destroy “Black Whirlwind” before it can successfully resolve.

Fatal Flaw

Your opponent will only get to use the effect of “Black Whirlwind” if the Blackwing he Summons is still face-up on the field when the effect of “Black Whirlwind” tries to resolve. This If you can get rid of your opponent’s Blackwing or turn it face-down as soon as your opponent Summons it, you can make his “Black Whirlwind” useless!

“Trap Hole,” “Bottomless Trap Hole,” and “Torrential Tribute” all destroy monsters that are Summoned. If your opponent has “Black Whirlwind” out and you activate one of these cards when your opponent Normal Summons a Blackwing, your opponent won’t be able to use Whirlwind’s effect since his monster didn’t survive face-up on the field.

You can also use “Book of Moon” to stop “Black Whirlwind” when your opponent Summons a Blackwing. If you turn the monster he Summons face-down, it won’t have any Attack Points so “Black Whirlwind” can’t retrieve a Blackwing with less ATK.


Use these cards to stop “Black Whirlwind.”

There are other ways to disable your opponent’s “Black Whirlwind” too! If you use “Shrink” to halve the attack of the Blackwing monster your opponent Summons, “Black Whirlwind” will only be able to retrieve a monster with less ATK than the shrunken Blackwing.

Once you see that there are so many ways to stop “Black Whirlwind,” you’ll realize that it’s not so scary to play against.