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Ancient Prophecy Cards: White Night Dragon

February 10th, 2010

“White Night Dragon” is a Level 8 Dragon-Type monster that was released in the Ancient Prophecy booster set. With 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, “White Night Dragon” can go toe to toe with some of the most legendary monsters in the game.  It also has an effect that keeps it safe from some of the most commonly played Spell and Trap Cards.

“White Night Dragon” can negate any Spell or Trap Card that targets it. “Dimensional Prison,” “Phoenix Wing Wind Blast,” and “Book of Moon” are all powerless against “White Night Dragon.”


All these cards are powerless against "White Night Dragon"!

Since “White Night Dragon” is a Level 8 monster, you can also Tribute a “Hardened Armed Dragon” to Summon it. Then it’ll be immune to all other effects that would destroy it, including the effects of “Mirror Force,” “Torrential Tribute,” “Dark Armed Dragon,” and “Smashing Ground.”


You can also change your opponent’s attack target with “White Night Dragon.” When your opponent attacks one of your face-up monsters, you can send a Spell or Trap Card you control to the Graveyard to make your opponent’s monster attack “White Night Dragon” instead. This is a handy ability if you want to protect some of your weaker monsters.

“White Night Dragon” is a Dragon-Type monster, so you can Special Summon it with the effect of “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” instead of Tribute Summoning it. Since “White Night Dragon” has high ATK and a strong effect that will help it stay on the field, it’s the perfect card to revive from the Graveyard. You can even bring it back after you discard it with cards like “Trade-In” or “Card Destruction.” Add old favorites like “Super Rejuvenation” into the mix to draw even more cards!


“White Night Dragon” can be a great monster to Special Summon from the Graveyard. Expect to encounter it if you go up against a Dragon Duelist.