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How to Get Around “Judgment Dragon” (Part 1)

February 17th, 2010

“Judgment Dragon” is without a doubt one of the best monsters in the game.  The ability to Special Summon a 3000 ATK monster and destroy all other cards on the field is something no other card can do.  “Judgment Dragon’s” only limitation is that you must have at least four different Lightsworn monsters in your Graveyard.  That means you can only play it in Decks with Lightsworn monsters and you can only use it after you have the required monsters in your Graveyard.

If you aren’t careful “Judgment Dragon” can cause some serious damage.  The best way to play around “Judgment Dragon” is to not put too much on the field for it to destroy.  Make sure the cards you do put on the field can be used when “Judgment Dragon” is Summoned.  If you’ve got “Mirror Force,” “Mystical Space Typhoon” and “D.D. Warrior Lady” out you’ll lose all your cards to “Judgment Dragon’s” effect and have nothing to show for it.  If you’ve got “Bottomless Trap Hole” and “Sangan,” on the other hand, you’ll get to use the effects of both cards and won’t be in a worse position in the duel.

It’s important then to make sure you play the proper cards in your Deck.  Don’t load up on cards you can’t Chain to “Judgment Dragon’s” effect. For example, cards that have a specific activation requirement like “Activate only when your opponent declares an attack” that can’t be used when “Judgment Dragon’s” effect is activated.  Instead make sure you’ve got copies of “Bottomless Trap Hole” or “Icarus Attack” available to take “Judgment Dragon” down with them.  You also don’t want to rely too heavily on cards that will get destroyed by “Judgment Dragon” without getting an effect.  Cards like “Sangan” and “Goblin Zombie” are great for this because they let you search your Deck for a useful monster when they are destroyed.

Use cards that will take "Judgment Dragon" down with them or that will still give you beneficial effects when destroyed.

Use cards that will take "Judgment Dragon" down with them or that will still give you beneficial effects when destroyed.

The other threat “Judgment Dragon” poses is the ability to end the game on the turn it’s played.  If you lose all your cards and can’t destroy the “Judgment Dragon” in response your opponent has at least 3000 ATK points on the field.  They can still Normal Summon too, and if they’ve got “Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner” or another copy of “Judgment Dragon” they can pile on enough ATK to win right then and there.

You can stop this from happening with cards like “Threatening Roar,” but then you’re still losing a card to “Judgment Dragon’s” effect.  Instead play “Gorz the Emissary of Darkness” or “Tragoedia.”  Those monsters can both be Special Summoned when you take damage.  Since you’ll usually have more than 3000 Life Points you can take even the biggest hit and defend yourself from the rest.  Just make sure to play those monsters in Defense Position because Lightsworn players use “Honest.”

The best part about using these monsters is that your opponent will have added more to their field after playing the first “Judgment Dragon.”  That means if they want to use “Judgment Dragon’s” effect again to destroy your “Gorz the Emissary of Darkness” they’ll be forced to destroy everything else they put on the field as well.

To beat “Judgment Dragon” you must keep in mind that your opponent has built his Deck to have “Judgment Dragon” at the ready almost every game.  Even if they don’t draw it, “Beckoning Light” can let them get one back that’s been sent to the Graveyard.  Always think to yourself; “am I prepared to deal with a “Judgment Dragon?’”