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How to Get Around “Judgment Dragon” (Part 2)

February 18th, 2010

The hardest thing about playing around “Judgment Dragon” is the fact that your opponent is going to have it almost every game. Assuming the Lightsworn player begins with a pretty good opening hand and plays “Charge of the Light Brigade” and/or “Solar Recharge” on their first turn, it’s a safe bet that they already have either a copy of “Judgment Dragon” or “Beckoning Light.”

Playing around “Judgment Dragon” is therefore pretty much just “playing around Lightsworn.” If you can keep yourself from worrying about “Judgment Dragon” the whole time you’re in a good position to win the game.

Preventing your opponent’s from sending cards to the Graveyard during their End Phase with Lightsworn monsters is a great way to prevent your opponent from being able to play “Judgment Dragon” at all. Use cards like “Book of Moon” and “Bottomless Trap Hole” to prevent your opponent from using the End Phase effects of “Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner” or “Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress.”

“Bottomless Trap Hole” is particularly good because it removes the opponent’s monster from play as well. Removing Lightsworn monsters not only prevents them from being able to summon “Judgment Dragon,” but can prevent them from being able to play “Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner” or “Beckoning Light.” The key to beating Lightsworn is to make sure they have as many “dead” cards as possible, cards that they can’t use. Lightsworn players already tend to draw some cards they can’t really play like “Necro Gardna” and “Wulf, Lightsworn Beast.” If you can make other cards unplayable by removing their monsters from the Graveyard you can beat them easily by taking care of the few cards they can play and leaning on your opponent with your extra cards.

Another great way to play around “Judgment Dragon” is to use the End Phase effect of “Judgment Dragon” against its owner. Lightsworn Deck’s usually don’t mind sending four more cards to the Graveyard, but if it’s getting late in the game they run the risk of running out of cards.

The best card at doing this is “Necro Gardna.” “Necro Gardna” can just sit in your Graveyard, preventing the Lightsworn player from being able to OTK you. That means you don’t have to defend yourself with a whole lot, so you limit the impact “Judgment Dragon” will have on your field. Secondly, your opponent won’t be able to put a lot of cards on the field and try to force you to play “Necro Gardna” early. They’ll lose all those monsters on the field either to your cards or to their own “Judgment Dragon.”

Combining “Necro Gardna” with other stall cards is a great strategy as well. “Cyber Valley” can be really good against Lightsworn, preventing them from being able to deal any damage and letting you draw more cards to prepare for “Judgment Dragon.” Be careful with “Cyber Valley” though, because a Lightsworn player can use “Judgment Dragon” or “Celestia, Lightsworn Angel” to destroy your “Cyber Valley” before you can use its effect. Still, if your opponent is failing to deal damage when they use these cards then eventually they’ll run out and you’ll win.  Lightsworn players always run out of fuel at some point. The trick is making sure you’re still around when they do.

The risk of Decking out is more serious for Lightsworn players than for any other Duelist. It goes beyond the problem of simply Decking out. Lightsworn players won’t be able to play any monsters at all if they’re running low on cards in their Deck because it will cause them to Deck themselves out. This is when you can take advanatage and start putting a lot of cards on the field. If you’ve got enough “Necro Gardnas” (ideally paired with “Burial from the Different Dimension”) then you can bait your opponent into playing “Judgment Dragon” and block attacks for the next few turns, causing them to Deck out thanks to their own “Judgment Dragon.”

Ultimately it all starts with Deckbuilding. You want to make sure you have a Deck that can make it to the later stages of the game with Lightsworn. Once in the late game, you simply have to stay alive long enough that your opponent can’t effectively play their Lightsworn cards and you should always be able to mount the comeback.