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Go for the Gold! at the World Championship Qualifier

June 16th, 2010

The U.S. World Championship Qualifier event isn’t just for Duelists who have their invites and want to compete for the chance to represent the United States at the World Championship in August. It’s not even just for residents of the United States! The WCQ in Minneapolis, Minnesota is for every Duelist who wants to be a part of the most spectacular (and fun!) event of the year. Players who aren’t qualified can show up just to Duel and meet new people by playing in one of the many Public Events that will be offered over the weekend. One event that’s sure to be popular this year actually debuted last year and was deemed “totally awesome” by the Duelists who participated in it! It’s called “Go for the Gold!” and you’ll find nothing else quite like it. 

Go for the Gold! is a Sealed Pack event, a lot like the Sneak Previews that are held right before each new Booster Pack comes out. For the Go for the Gold! events that will take place at the U.S. World Championship Qualifier, Duelists will be given 1 pack of Gold Series 3, 1 pack of Duelist Pack – Kaiba, and 2 packs of The Shining Darkness. From those packs, you’ll have to build the best 20 card or more Deck you can. It’s very different from Dueling with the Deck that you built out of all the cards you own, so here’s a quick guide on what to expect!

When you Duel with just the cards you opened up in packs, it’s harder to put together combos than it is when you have access to all your cards. Because of that, the easiest strategy is to try and Summon the biggest monster you’ve got as fast as you can and keep it on the field. Most of the time, the most common Spell and Trap Cards will modify the ATK and DEF of monsters or their battle positions, so you’ll want to have another strong monster on board to do battle with your opponent’s monsters so you don’t have to risk your best one.

On the other end of the spectrum, if your opponent gets the upper hand early on in the Duel, you’ll want to either force the opponent into risking his big monster in battle or find a way to Summon your own. It’s tougher if you’re on the defensive in this situation because if you keep Setting Defense Position monsters they’ll keep getting picked off. Since the majority of the cards you’ll have to work with are commons, here are some common cards Duelist Pack – Kaiba, The Shining Darkness, and Gold Series 3 you can use to even the odds!

Hunter of Black Feathers

Many of the monsters that you’ll encounter in Go for the Gold! Will share the same Attribute. Since your opponent wants to have two monsters on the field, one to battle yours and the other to attack directly, there’s a good chance that they’ll both be of the same Attribute. There are a lot of Blackwing and Amazoness monsters in Gold Series 3. Both of those monster families all share an Attribute making them vulnerable to Hunter of Black Feathers’ effect. (Blackwings are DARK, Amazonesses are EARTH)

Reese the Ice Mistress

Reese is going to be a roadblock that deters the course of victory for many Duelists. She can’t be destroyed in battle by any monster that’s Level 4 or higher. Since Duelists will naturally pick as many strong monsters for their Decks as possible, there’s a good chance that all your opponent’s monsters will be Level 4 or higher, rendering Reese impossible to destroy by battle. She’s also a Tuner monster, so if you were lucky enough to pull a Synchro Monster for your Extra Deck, Reese can help you Summon it on your next turn!

Interdimensional Matter Transporter

This is the highest-risk card of the bunch, but when it comes to protecting your monster from harm, Interdimensional Matter Transporter is unrivaled. In fact, it’s an excellent offensive and defensive card making it a worthy inclusion in almost any Go for the Gold! Deck. It removes one of your face-up monsters from play until the End Phase, and it’s a Trap Card. That means you can dodge any Spell, Trap, monster effect, or attack and have your monster return safely in the End Phase. Just be careful, because using it defensively will likely open you up to at least one direct attack!


If your opponent just Summoned a monster that completely outclasses everything you’ve got, clone it! Synchro Summons will be uncommon because of the scarcity of Synchro Monsters, meaning that the biggest monsters are usually going to be Tribute Summoned. Tribute Summoning is Normal Summoning, so when your opponent busts out the Blue-Eyes White Dragon he pulled from his Duelist Pack – Kaiba, you can use this card to copy it and fight back!

Go for the Gold! Isn’t the only awesome public event that’ll take place at the WCQ. Favorites from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series including ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!, Win-A-Mat, and the 16 player Regional Flights will be there as well. If you need more information on the WCQ, check out http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/