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DREV Preview: Psychic Nightmare

August 6th, 2010

Level 6 Synchro Monsters are some of the most powerful cards you can have in your Extra Deck.  Goyo Guardian and Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier can instantly swing Duels in your favour with their effects, and any Deck can Summon them. X-Saber Decks can call upon XX-Saber Hyunlei to obliterate Spell and Trap Cards, and Blackwing Decks use Blackwing Armed Wing to pierce through the opponent’s defences. Psychic Decks get their own Level 6 Synchro monster in Duelist Revolution that can turn your own latent psychic abilities into pure ATK!


Emergency Teleport makes Synchro Summoning easy.

Psychic Nightmare can be Synchro Summoned using any Tuner and any Psychic-Type non Tuners. You can use non-Tuner monsters like the ubiquitous Magical Android to Summon Psychic Nightmare making it a card that can fit in almost any Extra Deck. Emergency Teleport can help you Summon Psychic Nightmare in an instant, even on your very first turn! When you play Teleport, you can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Psychic-Type monster from your hand or Deck. Then you just Normal Summon a Tuner, or Normal Summon a Psychic-Type monster if you Summoned a Tuner with Emergency Teleport, and you’re ready to go!


Pick a card, and then discard it!

Once per turn, you can use Psychic Nightmare’s effect. During your Main Phase, you get to pick 1 of the cards in your opponent’s hand and guess what type of card it is, Monster, Spell or Trap. If you guess right, Psychic Nightmare gains 1000 ATK, rising up from 2400 ATK to 3400 ATK. That’s even bigger than the go-to Goyo Guardian, and it lasts all the way to the end of your opponent’s next turn, meaning that they can’t steal your monster away with the aforementioned Goyo Guardian.

 Even if you don’t guess correctly, you still get to see what the selected card was, so that it won’t take you by surprise later. Also, now that you know the identity of 1 of your opponent’s cards, you can declare the name of that card with Mind Crush or D.D. Designator to pluck it from your opponent’s hand.

Sometimes you don’t even have to guess.

Sometimes you don’t even have to guess.


There’s a very high chance of you guessing correctly to get Psychic Nightmare’s ATK boost, as lots of Decks are able to add certain cards to their hand from either the Deck or the Graveyard. X-Saber Decks can use the effect of XX-Saber Darksoul to add an “X-Saber” monster from their Deck to their hand. Gladiator Beasts have Gladiator Beast Equeste and Gladiator Proving Ground, Blackwing Decks use Black Whirlwind and Dark Eruption, and many Decks use Sangan to add monsters to their hand. Gold Sarcophagus has been a popular pick lately as well. You can also use Compulsory Evacuation Device and Giant Trunade to send cards back to your opponent’s hand instantly, ready to be picked with Psychic Nightmare!

Now that you know what they have in their hand, you can stop it.

Now that you know what they have in their hand, you can stop it.

Psychic Nightmare’s effect can also be used just to see what cards your opponent might have that can prevent you from winning the Duel. You can declare any type of card, and your opponent will have to reveal it whether you call it right or not, so you’ll get a sneak peek at their hand for free every turn!

If you see a Mirror Force in their hand, you now know that they don’t have it Set, so you can attack your opponent without seeing your monster get destroyed. If they show you a Brain Control, you can Set your Book of Moon to stop it, or Synchro Summon Thought Ruler Archfiend, ready to negate it when they activate it next turn.

If you see a Dark Armed Dragon, you should check their Graveyard to see if they can get 3 DARK monsters in there any time soon. You’ll know not to attack if they show you an Honest or a Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow, and you can play around Gorz the Emissary of Darkness’ effects if they reveal it. No matter what card they have in their hand, Psychic Nightmare’s effect can help you to get ready for it a turn early.

Psychic Nightmare gives Duelists a new high ATK monster that’s both easy to Summon, and useful in a wide variety of ways. If you’re using a Psychic Deck, or plan to build one in the future, or if you just have a sweet Deck that Synchro Summons a lot, look-out for Psychic Nightmare at your local Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek this weekend!