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Team Unicorn’s Synchros

August 13th, 2010

Beast Duelists get 3 new Synchro Monsters in Duelist Revolution courtesy of Team Unicorn, the new Turbo Dueling rivals of Yusei and Team 5D’s.  There are lots of ways to Summon these powerful Synchros, and each has a very different effect. Taken together, they provide a powerful new strategy for Beast Decks (and some other Decks too!)


Team Unicorn’s Synchro Monsters are cool because they work in so many different ways – and that starts with how you Summon them.  Thunder Unicorn and Voltic Bicorn each require a Beast-Type Tuner Monster, while Lightning Tricorn can be Summoned with any Tuner, but needs Beast-Type non-Tuners.  It’s going to be easiest to Summon them in a Beast Deck, but since X-Saber Airbellum is a Beast-Type Tuner that fits into a lot of different Decks, you can run them almost anywhere.

X-Saber Airbellum + a Level 2 monster = Thunder Unicorn

X-Saber Airbellum + a Level 4 monster = Voltic Bicorn

X-Saber Airbellum + Thunder Unicorn = Lightning Tricorn

Thunder Unicorn has 2200 ATK, but it might be the best of the three at taking down big monsters in battle.  Its effect lets it reduce an opposing monster by 500 ATK for each monster you control.  Since Thunder Unicorn’s effect counts itself, it can destroy higher Level Synchros like Stardust Dragon without any help.  If you have any other monster on the field with it, it can take on almost anything.

Strikeout master!

Voltic Bicorn has even more power, clocking in at 2500 ATK.  Your opponent is going to want to destroy it as soon as it hits the field, but when they do, they’ll trigger Bicorn’s effect: when they destroy it, it sends 7 cards from the top of both Duelist’s Decks to the Graveyard.  You can use it to wear away your opponent’s Deck and keep them from using important cards, but better yet, Bicorn’s effect can also load your Graveyard with important cards for you to use.

Beast Decks play lots of cards they want to send to the Graveyard.

Beast Decks play lots of cards they want to send to the Graveyard.

By loading Beast monsters like King of the Beasts and Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest into the Graveyard with Voltic Bicorn’s effect, you can Special Summon them with their abilities.  You can even send Snyffus to the Graveyard, then Summon it back with Kinka-byo. It’s also a great way to send Dandylion to the Graveyard for its Fluff Tokens, and if you send enough monsters you could even activate Pot of Avarice.

The Beast monsters you send to the Graveyard can also help you Synchro Summon the final monster in Team Unicorn’s tenacious trio!

Tune Snyffus to a Level 7 Beast like Green Baboon or King of the Beasts to unleash Lightning Tricorn.

Tune Snyffus to a Level 7 Beast like Green Baboon or King of the Beasts to unleash Lightning Tricorn.

Lightning Tricorn has the highest ATK of all, with 2800 Attack Points.  Like Voltic Bicorn, your opponent triggers a powerful effect if he destroys Tricorn, but this time the penalty is even harsher: you’ll get to Special Summon Voltic Bicorn or Thunder Unicorn from your Graveyard  It’s really easy to Synchro Summon Lightning Tricorn: just Tune X-Saber Airbellum to Thunder Unicorn, and your Graveyard will be prepared for Tricorn’s effect.  If you’re playing a dedicated Beast Deck, you can Special Summon a Level 7 Beast like King of the Beasts or Green Baboon, then Tune it to Snyffus.

With Beast Tuners like Airbellum, Snyffus, and the new Egotistical Ape, Beast Decks can put together a huge number of Synchro Summons and Special Summons.  Team Unicorn’s Synchro Monsters are part of the payoff, and together they form a bigger strategy that can do some serious damage.