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Stygian Street Patrol

August 11th, 2010

The new Secret Rare Stygian Street Patrol from Duelist Revolution has a home in many Decks.  Stygian Street Patrol will be a huge asset to anyone using the new  “Fabled” family of monsters that debuted in Hidden Arsenal 2.  It’s a Fiend-Type monster with an effect that activates when it’s in the Graveyard making it a perfect fit for this Deck.

Like cyclists on the 405, it comes out of nowhere to ruin someone's day. Frequently from in between two lanes of traffic.

Fabled Valkyrus loves to see Stygian Street Patrol in your hand. You can discard it to draw a card, then remove it from play to Special Summon a “Fabled” monster from your hand.

Fabled Raven is another “Fabled” monster that can greatly benefit from Stygian Street Patrol.  If you have 2 copies of Stygian Street Patrol you can discard them both for Fabled Raven’s ability to increase its ATK to 2100 and increase its Level to 4.  So you can either attack with a 2100 ATK monster or use Stygian Street Patrol’s effect and special Summon any non-Tuner Fabled monster and Synchro Summon Fabled Vakyrus or Chaos Kind Archfiend.

Stygian Street Patrol is also perfect fit in a Fiend Deck.  Not only can it Special Summon Fiends like Newdoria and Card Guard (which still gets a Guard Counter when its Special Summoned!), it can also be used to help Summon Dark Necrofear.  It can also bridge the gap to help Summon the really powerful Level 5 and 6 Fiends in one turn such as Caius the Shadow Monarch, Vanity’s Fiend, and Dark Ruler Ha Des.

Another Deck that greatly benefits from Stygian Street Patrol is Infernity.  On the first turn you can get Stygian Street Patrol into your Graveyard with the ability of Dark Grepher.  Then when you need it you can use Stygian Street Patrol’s ability to Special Summon Infernity Necromancer to start reviving your other “Infernity” monsters. Stygian Street Patrol can also Special Summon Infernity Archfiend from your hand, and if it was the only card in your hand, you can use its ability and search for any ”Infernity” card!

Stygian Street Patrol is a cool card for any Deck with lots of Fiends in it, and you can only find it in Duelist Revolution!

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