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Structure Deck: Marik Hits the Streets of YOUR City

October 19th, 2010

Today marks the release of Structure Deck: Marik, the first Deck based on a character rather than a particular strategy in years.   Marik was quite literally a man possessed, controlled by the darkness and hatred in his heart thanks to the Millennium Rod. His Deck in the TV show was largely based on Summoning The Winged Dragon of Ra and doing terrible things to people with it, but since no one condones drive-by Shadow Realm-ings, Structure Deck: Marik offers a sampling of his different strategies and personalities instead.

Marik was, above all else, a tomb keeper. It was a fate he was none too proud of, a fact he would remind himself and anyone who would listen of at every available opportunity. To reflect this, Structure Deck: Marik includes a number of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME’s tomb keepers, the Gravekeeper monsters. Gravekeeper’s Spy has been popular in competition for years, but it’s always been hard to find until now. In fact, it was always tricky to collect all the Gravekeeper monsters because they often didn’t appear in the same place! Structure Deck: Marik fixes that by putting all the Gravekeeper monsters that you would need to start your own Gravekeeper Deck all in one place.

It also has a couple of stellar reprints that anyone can use. Plenty of Decks use Allure of Darkness, a Spell Card that lets you draw 2 cards as long as you can remove a DARK monster in your hand from play afterwards. Blackwing Decks in particular can make great use of it, so if you have a Blackwing Deck and you aren’t playing Allure of Darkness yet, definitely check this Structure Deck out.

Any Deck can use a Mirror Force. It’s been one of the most sought after cards since 2002, and now it’s finally available in a Structure Deck for the first time. Mirror Force is a card that wins games, hands down. Being able to destroy every single Attack Position monster your opponent controls when they declare an attack is simply too good to pass up.

You can also find a number of the torture cards used by Marik’s evil side. Nightmare Wheel is a standout card, preventing your opponent from attacking with one of his monsters and stopping it from changing Battle Positions, all while damaging your opponent every turn! There’s also a copy of Metal Reflect Slime, a Trap Monster with incredible DEF. If you’re playing Tradition Format, you can use Metamorphosis with Metal Reflect Slime to Summon Cyber End Dragon!

Speaking of Traditional Format, there’s a new card in Structure Deck: Marik that’s only legal in Traditional Format. Temple of the Kings lets you activate Trap Cards the turn you Set them, making it a simple task to draw your entire Deck, or turn the table on your opponent’s with Exchange of the Spirit, just like Marik’s sister Ishizu. You’ll also get the guardian of the temple, Mystical Beast of Serket. Combine the two and you can Special Summon any monster in your hand, Deck, or Extra Deck, just like Odion did when he tried to Summon a copy of The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Structure Deck: Marik also answers one of the great questions of our time: How does Necrovalley work? Duelists and judges alike have been at arms over it for a long time now, but there’s a special page in the Deck insert dedicated to pinning down the powers of Gravekeeper’s home Field Spell.

And if you just can’t bear to see a Deck with Marik pictured on it be without The Winged Dragon of Ra, feel free to take your Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Legendary Collection version of it and put it in the Deck. Sure, you won’t be able to use it in a tournament or anything like that, but sometimes it’s not about tournaments and playing competitively. Dueling is a lot of fun, and so is laughing maniacally while you extol the virtues of your Egyptian God Card. If you like Structure Deck: Marik, grab some friends and build your own Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey Decks. You could have your own Battle City Finals, right in your living room!