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New Synchro Monsters you can add to the Deck you already play!

November 16th, 2010

Lots of new Synchro Monsters are available in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, and while some are themed to specific Decks, many of them can be used in a variety of Decks you might already play!  Here are 5 new Synchro Monsters you might be able to run already:


We already showed you how Formula Synchron can fit into Decks like Quickdraw Dandywarrior, X-Sabers, and Scraps.  Tuners like Effect Veiler and Glow-Up Bulb mean that any Deck can play Level 1 Tuners, so as long as you’ve got a Level 1 non-Tuner, you can run Formula Synchron.  You can even add flexible Level 1’s like Swift Scarecrow or Battle Fader to help with your Synchro Summon.  We’ve already shown you some great ways to make use of Formula Synchron, but here are 3 more you might not have considered:

Formula Synchron shenanigans continue.

Ancient Sacred Wyvern and Chaos Goddess both require a LIGHT Tuner as 1 of their Synchro Materials.  That used to mean only a handful of Decks could run them, but any Deck that can Summon Formula Synchron now has a LIGHT Tuner.  Ancient Sacred Wyvern is especially good, because it doesn’t need specific non-Tuners, and you can Synchro Summon it on your opponent’s turn with massive ATK thanks to its effect.

We talked before about using X-Saber Palomuro and XX-Saber Ragigura to Synchro Summon Formula Synchron in X-Sabers, but once you do, more combos await!  XX-Saber Hyunlei doesn’t require a specific Tuner – it just needs “X-Saber” non-Tuners.  If you control Formula Synchron and XX-Saber Boggart Knight, then you can unleash Hyunlei on your opponent’s turn. Do it after they finish Setting their Spells and Traps and want to move to a new Phase, and they won’t be able to respond by activating any of the cards that were Set that turn.  If your opponent sees what’s going on, they’ll have to try and destroy your monsters before they can Set any more cards

Remember too that cards like Limit Reverse and Graceful Revival can Special Summon your Formula Synchron once you’ve used it for a Synchro Summon.  With the right Special Summon cards, you can keep using Formula Synchron to threaten your opponent’s field with Black Rose Dragon.

Battle Position switching is underrated.

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” may seem like it belongs just in Karakuri Decks, but it’s actually really easy to play in other Decks, too.  You can use any Tuner with Burei, as long as you use Machine-Type non-Tuners.  That’s good news, because Machine-Types are everywhere right now.  You can Synchro Summon Burei with any Level 2 Tuner plus Cyber Dragon.

Burei’s 2600 ATK means it’s big enough to best Stardust Dragon in battle, and its effect makes it even better.  Once a turn, you can change the battle position of any monster on the field.  Shift a monster with higher ATK to its weaker Defense Position, or turn a monster with low ATK to Attack Position so you can smash your opponent’s Life Points!  Turning a Fluff Token to Attack Position and slamming it for 2600 Battle Damage can be a Duel-winning move.

Burei is especially good in Gadget Decks.  We’ve seen Gadgets use Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind before, and now you can Tune it to any of your basic monsters to unleash Burei.  Gale’s effect will let you halve the ATK and DEF of an opposing monster, while Burei’s ability can weaken another monster too.  Since each Gadget gets you another Gadget from your Deck when it’s Summoned, it’s easy to Synchro Summon Burei, and Gadgets have 1 more trick up their sleeve: Limiter Removal!  Since Burei is a Machine, Limiter Removal can boost it up to 5200 ATK.

Freaking huge and nearly indestructable is also underrated.

Deep Sea Diva makes it really easy to Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon.  Jack’s Level 12 trump card might look tough to Summon, because you need Red Dragon Archfiend plus 2 Tuner monsters to bring it out.  But when you Normal Summon 1 Deep Sea Diva, her effect lets you Special Summon another from your Deck – bingo!  You’ve got the 2 Tuners you need.

Divas see a lot of play in Zombie and Elemental Hero Absolute Zero Decks, and both can Summon Red Dragon Archfiend with ease.  Once you Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon, you’ll have at least 2 Tuners in the Graveyard, giving the Dragon 4500 ATK.  Since Red Nova can’t be destroyed by effects, and can negate your opponent’s attacks, it’s almost impossible to beat.  You’ll find Red Nova and Red Dragon Archfiend in the new Red Nova Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin.And if you want a Super Rare Deep Sea Diva, you can find it in the new Turbo Pack 4.

Formula Synchron is extremely good, and if your desired Synchro Monster is put out of reach by Mischief of the Yokai, Formula Synchron is a nice backup

Starlight Road is a great card against Decks like Blackwings and Lightsworn, because it negates their high-powered destruction effects.  If you play Starlight Road you’ll also have an easy way to Summon Stardust Dragon, and combined with Formula Synchron, that means you can Synchro Summon Shooting Star Dragon.  You might be surprised by the number of times when you could Synchro Summon Shooting Star, so using it effectively becomes a question of playing it at the right time – not if you can play it, but when you should.

It’s got 3300 ATK – that’s 800 more Attack Points than Stardust Dragon, making it a better attacker and a tougher monster for your opponent to beat.  It can even stop an attack once a turn, protecting itself or another monster.  Also, while you have to Tribute Stardust Dragon to negate an effect that would destroy 1 of your cards, Shooting Star Dragon can negate that type of effect once a turn while staying on the field.

If you have to choose between trading your Stardust Dragon for Shooting Star Dragon, or using your monsters for another Synchro Summon, think about your position in the Duel.  Shooting Star is a lot tougher for your opponent to best. It’s harder to attack, and can do more damage on its own while still negating effects.  If your back is against the wall and you’re not in a winning position, Shooting Star’s defensive power can help you battle back and even the odds – the extra draw with Formula Synchron is a big help, too.  You’ll find both Stardust Dragon and Shooting Star in the Shooting Star Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin.

Chevalier de Fleury

The release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5 video game has brought us a powerful new Synchro Monster: Sherry LeBlanc’s Chevalier de Fleur.  Previously, the only Level 8 monster you could Synchro Summon with Quickdraw Synchron was Junk Destroyer.  But Sherry’s Chevalier gives Quickdraw Duelists a new option: a monster with 100 more Attack Points than Destroyer, and a totally different effect!

Chevalier de Fleur’s ability lets you negate a Spell or Trap Card once during each of your own turns.  While cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute would destroy Junk Destroyer the moment it hits the field, the Chevalier could negate those cards and survive.  She can even shut down Spells like Book of Moon or Enemy Controller, or keep your opponent from activating Mystical Space Typhoon or Royal Decree in your End Phase.  If you have Mystical Space Typhoon yourself, Chevalier’s effect guarantees that you can destroy cards that would be Chained otherwise. She devastates powerful themed cards like GottomsEmergency Call and Icarus Attack, letting you destroy them safely, making her a powerful addition to any Deck that plays Quickdraw Synchron.

There’s more to these new Synchro Monsters than meets the eye, so ask yourself how they might benefit your Deck.  The answers may surprise you.