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Building Your Own Red Nova Dragon/Jack Atlas Deck

November 18th, 2010

With the release of Starstrike Blast, a lot of your favorite cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s animated series have become available for you to use. One of the best and most powerful of these cards is Jack Atlas’s Red Nova Dragon. In an earlier article, we explained just how potent and powerful the Dragon can be; now it’s your chance to build a deck that lets you use it to its biggest potential!

First of all, if you’re going to be using Red Nova Dragon, the most important step in securing your victory is Synchro Summoning a Red Dragon Archfiend. Without that, you have no way to summon your MVP! Thankfully, Jack has a lot of experience with summoning both Red Dragon Archfiend and Red Nova Dragon, so let’s look to him for some tips.

One of the best ways to quickly and easily get Red Dragon Archfiend on your side of the field is the common combo from the TV show: Special Summon Vice Dragon, Normal Summon Dark Resonator, and just do it! This uses two of Jack’s favorite and most commonly used monsters to surprise your opponent with a fast Synchro Summon that seemingly comes out of nowhere!

That’s not the only way you can Synchro Summon Jack’s dragon though. With the all-new Power Giant from Starstrike Blast, you can discard a Battle Fader or any other Level 1 Monster to Special Summon it from your hand just like Vice Dragon! Not only is it simply great to be able to easily Summon a monster with 2200 ATK, but you can just toss down a Level 3 Tuner like Dark Resonator or Creation Resonator and you’ve found yet another quick and easy way to summon your Red Dragon Archfiend!

Now that your first step on the path to victory is complete, you have to focus on the next goal: Summoning your Red Nova Dragon! Since Red Nova Dragon requires two Tuners to be Synchro Summoned, you need to think a little about what monsters you’d like to use for it. Not only that, but it will (most of the time!) be very hard to summon Red Nova Dragon on the same turn you summon your Red Dragon Archfiend, so more often than not, you’ll need to wait a turn. Thankfully, Red Dragon Archfiend doesn’t go down easily, and if you protect it with cards like Solemn Judgment and Dark Bribe you’ll be good to go for sure!

Once again, we can look to Jack for some support, with his cast of Level 3 Tuner Monsters that can be Special Summoned, like Creation Resonator. All you need to do is Special Summon one of them, use your Normal Summon on any Level 1 Tuner Monster, and Synchro Summon to your heart’s content! A great choice for that Level 1 Tuner Monster is, of course, Jack’s own Sinister Sprocketbut, if you’re feeling a little rebellious, you could probably steal a page out of Yusei’s book and use his Effect Veiler to get the job done just as well, and since Effect Veiler has such a powerful effect, who wouldn’t want to use it?


Of course…there is one very easy way for you to summon Red Nova Dragon on the same turn as you summon your Red Dragon Archfiend. With the new Trap Card Red Screen from Starstrike Blast, you can activate it to protect your monsters when you need the protection most, then a few turns later (after you summon your Red Dragon Archfiend) you can destroy it and Special Summon any Level 1 Tuner Monster from your Graveyard! Follow this up with a Special Summoned Creation Resonator or previously Special Summoned Synchro Magnet and you’ve got the makings of a Red Nova Dragon!

While it may seem like you’re using a lot of cards getting your Red Nova Dragon on the field, you have to remember why Jack doesn’t mind using as many cards as it takes to Summon it. With such powerful effects, such a huge ATK, and the ability to protect itself, once you have it on the field, it’s probably never going to leave! (Not permanently at least!) With this Deck, you can easily Summon your Red Nova Dragon and laugh along with Jack Atlas as you watch your opponent’s pathetically futile attempts at defeating it. Here’s a few of the cards you’ll want to consider for your Jack Atlas style Red Nova Dragon Deck:

Red Nova Dragon
Red Dragon Archfiend
Vice Dragon
Power Giant
Dark Resonator
Creation Resonator
Synchro Magnet
Battle Fader
Sinister Sprocket
Effect Veiler
Red Screen
Prideful Roar