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On the Next Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s… Counter Traps and Jack Atlas!

November 19th, 2010

This weekend, 5D’s fans can tune in to see the finale of Yusei’s Duel against the Guard Robot, the Counter Trap wielding security robot sent to prevent Yusei from retrieving his stolen engine program. The Guard Robot’s strategy is based around calculating every move Yusei makes based on his previous Duels, and using Counter Traps to stop them.

Counter Traps are a special type of Trap Card. They’re used to cancel out your opponent’s moves. Most of them negate something your opponent does, but a few of them just make your opponent do something they don’t want to, like discard cards that they just drew.

The thing that makes them really special is that the only cards you can Chain to Counter Traps are other Counter Traps. So if you use Solemn Warning to negate your opponent’s Monster Reborn, the only cards that your opponent can Chain to your Solemn Warning are other Counter Traps, like Seven Tools of the Bandit. They can’t use Trap Stun or Royal Decree.

Afterwards, you’ll get to see Jack Atlas take on his doppelganger in a Duel that pits the former King against the villain he used to be. In that Duel, Jack has the opportunity to use Trust Guardian to add on an extra effect to his Synchro Monster.

Monsters that add abilities to your Synchro Monsters are pretty cool. Trust Guardian lets your monster survive a battle it would normally lose once per turn. Vice Berserker is another monster in Jack’s Deck that adds an extra power to a Synchro Monster. When you use it for a Synchro Summon, you take 2000 damage, but your Synchro Monster gets 2000 more Attack Points!