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EXVC Preview: How to Tame Your Gladiator

March 16th, 2011

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I daresay it has never flown as fast as it has since the release of Storm of Ragnarok. Nordic monsters, Six Samurai, and a bunch of cool cards that work in lots of different Decks?  Storm of Ragnarok is certainly a tough act to follow, so we’re going to get a head start with an exclusive very sneak peek at one of the all new World Premiere card’s from Extreme Victory!

Now, if you’ve read the Extreme Victory web page, you’ve already heard of the new Tech Genus (T.G. for short!) and Meklord monsters. They’re locked in a battle for survival between human emotion (the super-powered T.G. Synchro Monsters!) and cold, efficient machine logic (the army of Synchro-Destroying Meklord Machines!) But what you might not know is that Extreme Victory also has cards that go great in Decks you already play! This is one of them.


No matter what Deck you play, you’re going to want to get your hands on the new Quick-Play Spell Card, Gladiator Taming. Whenever there’s a Gladiator Beast on the field, you can activate Gladiator Taming and choose from one of two different effects. First, you can change the Battle Position of one of your opponent’s face-up monsters. That’s pretty good, it’s the same as Enemy Controller’s first effect, and since so many monsters become so vulnerable if you switch their Battle Position, it can really come in handy.

If you’re playing Gladiator Beasts, you can turn monsters like Cyber Dragon to Defense Position so that your Gladiator Beast Laquari can safely attack and destroy them. If you’re playing against Gladiator Beasts, you can switch that very same Laquari to its incredibly weak Defense Position and attack it. Laquari’s DEF is so weak, that you can send a totally expendable monster to do the job, forcing your opponent to save his Trap Cards for a stronger monster that will attack directly afterwards.

That’s pretty good, but the real reason that you’re going to want to pick up Gladiator Taming is for its second effect: You can take control of any “Gladiator Beast” monster your opponent controls for the turn. There’s no cost, there’s no catch. If your opponent has a Gladiator Beast, it’s yours for the rest of the turn. You can attack with it, Tribute it, use it for a Fusion or Synchro Summon, or use it to help you Summon an all-new kind of monster that you’ll learn more about as summer approaches!

No matter what Deck you play, you’ll want to make sure you have this card in your Side Deck for when you come up against a Gladiator Beast Duelist. And, odds are, you will come up against Gladiator Duelists in the months and years to come. If you’re playing a Gladiator Beast Deck yourself, Gladiator Taming is still useful for its position changing effect and as a truly nasty surprise for when you invariably find yourself facing down another Gladiator Beast Duelist!

As Trap Stun gains popularity, Duelists are looking for new Quick-Play Spell Cards that can give them an edge over their opponents, and Gladiator Taming certainly fits the bill. Look for it when Extreme Victory drops on May 10th!