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“The Fabled” Synchros

June 21st, 2011

The release of Hidden Arsenal 4 brought us an entire new family of “Fabled” monsters!  “The Fabled” are super-cute versions of mythological creatures, and like their Fabled masters before them, they command powerful discard effects.  Their mightiest monsters are a pair of Level 4 Synchros, and they’re a snap to Summon!


Both The Fabled Unicore and The Fabled Kudabbi are Level 4 Synchros that require a “Fabled” Tuner for their Synchro Materials.  The Fabled Kudabbi can’t be destroyed in battle if you have no cards in your hand.  The Fabled Unicore is a bit trickier, but its effect is really good: if you have the same number of in-hand cards as your opponent, Unicore negates any effect they try to activate, and destroys the effect’s source.  Since they’re so low in Level, and since The Fabled have so many Special Summon effects, it’s really easy to get them onto the field.


These 4 monsters are the pick of The Fabled litter.  Put them together, and you can Summon Unicore or Kudabbi in a flash.  You can discard a “Fabled” monster to Special Summon The Fabled Chawa or The Fabled NozoocheeThe Fabled Cerburrel and The Fabled Ganashia both have effects that let you Special Summon them when they’re discarded, so…

-If you discard Ganashia to Special Summon Chawa, you’ll Special Summon Ganashia as well.

-If you discard Cerburrel to Special Summon Nozoochee, you’ll Special Summon Cerburrel too.

Both of these pairs include a “Fabled” Tuner, and total 4 Levels.  Tune either pair together, and you can Synchro Summon The Fabled Unicore or The Fabled Kudabbi.

Once you control Unicore or Kudabbi, you’ll want to make the most of their abilities.  In Kudabbi’s case, that means emptying your hand.  You can just Set all your Spells and Traps, and Summon all your monsters.  For Unicore, you’ll need to outplay your opponent so that you can match however many cards they have in their hand.  In either case, Trap Cards that let you discard cards can be really valuable.  Being able to rework your hand makes for some surprising moves, and claiming good effects along the way helps you beat your opponent.  Monsters with discard effects (like Snipe Hunter) are helpful as well.

Raigeki Break and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast are especially good with The Fabled Unicore.  Unicore’s effect checks the number of cards in your opponent’s hand only when your opponent’s effect would resolve.  So, if your opponent Sets something to lower their number of in-hand cards, then activates the effect they want to resolve, you can Chain Raigeki Break or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.  Both cards have discard costs, and that discard can bring your hand to the same number of cards as your opponent’s.  You’ll get to destroy or spin away an opposing card with the effect of your Trap, then negate your opponent’s cards with Unicore.  Remember, Unicore’s effect is so powerful that it can even stop Counter Traps.

There are a lot of ways to play “The Fabled” monsters, but building your Deck around 1 or both of their new Synchro Monsters is 1 of the coolest.  Both have high ATK for Level 4 monsters, and each packs a powerful effect that can win the Duel.  Since they’re so easy to Synchro Summon, you can throw out both in a single turn and dominate your opponent!