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GENF Preview: Fish and Swaps

August 3rd, 2011

The new Generation Force Fish Deck gets stronger and stronger every time you banish one of your Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster’.  Remove enough of your own monsters, and the Deck can suddenly banish any card from the game with the Spell Card Fish and Kicks; negate monster effects with the Oh F!sh! Counter Trap Card; and unleash Sea Lancer, a 2300 ATK behemoth that protects itself from being destroyed.  But having the right monster at the right time is key, and as you banish more and more of your own monsters, it would be great to have a way to get them back.  That’s why you need Fish and Swaps!


Discard 1 card to target 2 of your banished Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monsters; add them to your hand.

If your “Generation Fish” Deck is working the way it should, you’ll start banishing your own monsters as early as turn one.  Many of those monsters have powerful effects that are perfect for certain situations:

Lost Blue Breaker is great when you need to clear your opponent’s back row.

Wingtortoise combos with Airorca to get you a free monster every turn.

Sea Lancer gets really strong in the mid-game, once you’ve banished a few monsters.

All these cards are useful, but sometimes it’s better to banish them for the effect of another card.  Fish and Swaps gives you the freedom to banish stuff early on and then get it back later.  Three cards that are much easier to play when you don’t have to worry about what you’re banishing are Airorca, Skull Lair, and Dimensional Fissure.

For most Generation Fish Duelists, Airorca is going to be the core of your Deck.  Its effect lets you banish a Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type from your hand once a turn, to destroy any 1 face-up card.  Orca’s effect also banishes itself to keep your opponent from destroying it, and it returns to the field in your next Standby Phase to do it all over again.  The problem is that if you’re using Airorca’s effect every turn, you might have to banish monsters you need somewhere down the line.  Fish and Swaps makes that easy: banish whatever you want, and get it back later.

Skull Lair is similar: it lets you banish monsters from your Graveyard to destroy opposing monsters.  Since it’s a Continuous Trap you can use it over and over, but if you banish a monster like Wing Tortoise or Treeborn Frog, you won’t be able to use their free Special Summon effects.  Fish and Swaps to the rescue: banish whatever you want, and you can just get it back.  Daring Duelists can even  play Dimensional Fissure and banish every monster in the Duel, then use Fish and Swaps to reuse their best cards.

What you discard for Fish and Swaps is just as important as what you get back.  It’s best to discard cards that have effects in the Graveyard, so you don’t really lose anything.  The Generation Fish Deck can play lots of monsters that fit the bill: discard Treeborn Frog or Ronintoadin, and you can Special Summon them back from your Graveyard to combo with Lost Blue Breaker or Sea Lancer.  Pitch Fishborg Blaster, and you can Special Summon it with its effect by discarding another card.

You can Special Summon Wing Tortoise from your hand or Graveyard whenever you banish one of your Fish, Sea Serpents, or Aqua-Types from the field.  That means a free Special Summon every time you use Airorca’s ability: discard the Tortoise for Fish and Swaps, and you can banish 1 card a turn from your hand to destroy a monster with Air Orca, and revive the Tortoise.

Even if you don’t discard monsters with Graveyard effects, you can use lots of themed cards from the Generation Fish strategy to capitalize.  If you discard a smaller monster like Lost Blue Breaker, you can Special Summon it with Surface, or get it back to your hand with SalvageSalvage gets you 2 cards from your Graveyard for just 1 Spell, so it helps you balance your discard costs.  You can even use Fish and Swaps to discard a WATER monster, and then banish it to Special Summon Aqua Spirit.  That way you get 2 cards to your hand; banish another monster to keep Oh F!sh! live; and Special Summon another attacker.

The Generation Fish Deck is a ton of fun, but to get the most out of it you need to have the right cards at the right time.  Banishing your own monsters can make that tricky, but Fish and Swaps smooths things over by turning your ‘removed zone’ into a library of oceanic options.  Give it a try in your own seaborne strategy!

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