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The Crashbug Strategem!

August 25th, 2011

Two cards from Generation Force that work really well together even though they might not seem like it are Super Crashbug and Number 34: Terror-Byte. They may seem totally unrelated, but they’re actually connected through Crashbug X, Crashbug Y, and Crashbug Z! Each basic Crashbug is a Level 3 Fiend-Type monster. When you Normal Summon one Crashbug, if you have the right Crashbug on the field already, you can Special Summon the third Crashbug from your Deck. That makes them perfect for Summoning Number 34: Terror-Byte!


Number 34: Terror-Byte is Xyz Summoned by stacking up any 3 Level 3 monsters. Since the 3 basic Crashbugs are all Level 3 and Special Summon each other from the Deck, they’re pretty ideal for Summoning Terror-Byte. Terror-Byte is great because it puts up a massive 2900 DEF wall between you and your opponent’s monsters and it makes your opponent not want to put any low-Level monsters on the field for fear of Terror-Byte’s special ability.

Once per turn, you can detach one of Terror-Bytes Xyz Materials to take control of one of your opponent’s Level 4 or lower monsters. You only get to keep it until the End Phase, but you can do some pretty good stuff with it while you have it. Here are some good things to do with a pilfered monster:

–          Use its effect.

–          Attack with it.

–          Tribute it for a Tribute Summon or a card effect.

–          Use it for a Synchro or Xyz Summon

The best uses are the ones that make it so your opponent doesn’t get their monster back at the end of the turn, so ideally you’ll Tribute it or use it as material for a Synchro or Xyz Summon. If you can’t do that because you already used your Normal Summon on a Crashbug or don’t have any Tuners or other monsters on the field, you might want to try the Infected Mail Spell Card.


Once per turn, you can use Infected Mail’s effect to let a Level 4 or lower monster attack directly. Then, at the end of the Battle Phase, that monster goes to the Graveyard. Take control of your opponent’s monster with Terror-Byte, then use Infected Mail to let that monster attack its owner directly.  That way, you’ll get some damage in and you won’t have to give the monster back at the end of the turn, because it’ll be in the Graveyard. It’s even better if your opponent had equipped the monster with something like Horn of the Phantom Beast, because then the Equip Card will be gone too!

You’ll only be able to use Terror-Byte’s effect 3 times, but once you do, or if Terror-Byte is destroyed, you’ll have all 3 Crashbugs in your Graveyard. That means you’re ready to move on to phase 2 of the Crashbug Strategem!


Super Crashbug is Summoned by banishing Crashbug X, Crashbug Y, and Crashbug Z from your Graveyard. It always starts in Defense Position, but that’s OK because it has 3000 DEF. Super Crashbug has a cool effect that switches the ATK and DEF of any monster that’s in Attack Position. So a Reborn Tengu that normally has 1700 ATK and 600 DEF will have 600 ATK and 1700 DEF instead, but that DEF is useless because if Tengu is shifted to Defense Position, its DEF will go back to 600.

That also means that your Super Crashbug can turn into a 3000 ATK monster just by shifting to Attack Position! If you still have Terror-Byte, it can become a 2900 ATK monster, and since you’re probably playing a lot of Fiends in your Deck to go with the Crashbugs, you can banish any 3 other Fiends from your Graveyard to Summon Dark Necrofear. Necrofear has 2800 DEF, but with Super Crashhbug on the field she becomes 2800 ATK and steals yet another monster from your opponent when she’s destroyed. Even extra copies of Crashbug X can cause some mayhem as Level 3, 2000 ATK monsters!

The trick to pulling all of this together is having the right Crashbug on the field at the right time, and protecting it until you can Normal Summon another. The best way to do this is with Traps that stop your monsters from being destroyed by battle or that prevent attacks, like Waboku or Threatening Roar. You can Chain these to cards that would destroy them, forcing your opponent to wait a turn to deal any damage, and holding back their gameplan.

Overall, this is a pretty fun strategy to use, and it’s pretty simple. You can build this Deck without needing too many hard-to-find cards, so if you’re just getting into the game with Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz and Generation Force, this could be a good Deck to start with!

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