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Important Rulebook Updates! “Xyz Materials” and “Leaves the Field”

September 1st, 2011

Just in time for the start of a new Dueling era, we’ve posted the latest version of the official rulebook on our website. You can find the new Version 8.0 rulebook here. If you’re the type who normally ignores updates to the rulebook, do not ignore this one. There are two major additions that will affect you and the way you play. If you look on page 45 (it’s in the “Other Rules” section) you’ll see that there are now sections on “Xyz Materials” and “Leaves the Field”. Take a look at them in the new rulebook, then come back here and read on.

“Xyz Materials”

Xyz Summoning is rapidly becoming an important part of the game, so it’s important for Duelists to know exactly how it works. The basics are easy. Take monsters with the same Level, put them on top of each other, put the Xyz Monster on top of that. But what exactly is happening here? Are the materials leaving the field? Are they still there, just not as monsters anymore? What characteristics do they still have? Do any of their effects apply?

All of these are questions we receive on a daily basis. That’s why we put an explanation of Xyz Materials on page 45. Monsters that become Xyz Materials stop being treated as actual cards on the field. Instead, they become part of the Xyz Monster that’s being Summoned to the field. As a result, the Xyz Materials lose their previous identities and effects and only exist as part of the larger monster. They’re also severed from any effects that were applied to them on the field, which makes sense because they aren’t monsters anymore, they’re pieces of something else.

“Leaves the Field”

This begs the question, do Xyz Materials ever “leave the field”? Once they stop being monsters and start being Xyz Materials, they’re no longer considered “cards on the field”, but they’re still sitting there right in front of you. When they’re detached, they go to the Graveyard which is something that most people consider “leaving the field”. So it seems, initially, that the card would leave the field twice. But then, you have to reconcile all of this with cards like Reborn Tengu that cannot activate their “leaves the field” effect when they are returned from the field to the Deck even though they clearly had to leave to get there. That’s why we included the section on “leaves the field”.

This section specifically defines what will and will not trigger a “leaves the field” effect. A card on the field that is sent to the Graveyard, banished, or returned to the hand or Extra Deck can activate its “leaves the field” effect. A card that is shuffled into the Main Deck or becomes Xyz Material cannot. I think you’ll agree that it’s much easier to say “If this card leaves the field” rather than “If this card on the field is sent to the Graveyard, banished, or returned to the hand or Extra Deck” and gives us more room to tell you what the card actually does.

What does all this mean?

The end result is that it’s now even easier to tell what your cards do, and what they don’t do. “What constitutes ‘leaving the field’?” is easily the most frequently asked question I’ve seen in the 26 months I’ve been working here at Konami. Now it’s neatly spelled out in the rulebook, where it belongs. Definitely check it out if you still haven’t, and while you’re at it, read up on Xyz Materials too especially if you plan on playing any tournaments in the near future.

Have fun, and keep Dueling!

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