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Space-Time Police and Time Escaper

September 15th, 2011

Psychic Decks got a big power boost thanks to several cool cards from Extreme Victory. Generation Force has 2 cool new Psychic monsters that let Psychic Duelists eliminate problem cards, protect their own monsters, and unleash some of the best Xyz Monsters around!


Space-Time Police is a Level 5 Psychic-Type monster with 2300 ATK. Whenever it’s Special Summoned you can banish one of your opponent’s face-up cards, which is great for getting rid of cards that might cause you problems this turn! When Space-Time Police leaves the field the banished card returns, but this time it’s Set instead of returning to the field face-up. This can make certain powerful monsters easier to destroy (since a lot of them have low DEF). For example, if you banish a Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En with Space-Time Police’s effect you’re now free to activate all the Spells and Traps you have, and if it returns to the field in face-down Defense Position, its 1400 DEF won’t be enough to survive the attacks of cards like Silent Psychic Wizard and Psychic Commander!

Space-Time Police will only banish a card when it’s Special Summoned, but Psychic Decks have no problems with Special Summoning monsters.  Hushed Psychic Cleric can banish Space-Time Police from the Graveyard with its effect, and when Cleric’s sent to the Graveyard you can Special Summon Space-Time Police! Better yet, use Psi-Beast to banish Space-Time Police from your Deck, then use Brain Hazard to Summon it back. You get to banish your opponent’s best card, then Xyz Summon Tiras, Keeper of Genesis or Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon. The best part is, thanks to the new rules in the latest rulebook, your opponent will never get their banished card back!


Time Escaper’s another card from Generation Force that Psychic Duelists should be interested in! During either player’s turn, you can discard Time Escaper to banish one of your face-up Psychic-Type monsters until your next Standby Phase. This is great for protecting your monsters from nasty effects like Dark Hole, Black Rose Dragon and (if you’re protecting a Synchro monster) Orient Dragon! You can also use it to get your Psychic monster out of the way of your own destructive effect.

Psychic Decks no longer have access to insane Mind Master combos, but thanks to Space-Time Police and Time Escaper, Psychic Duelists can concentrate more on sustaining a series of powerful individual plays that can lead to big wins!