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Getting the Most Out of Mystical Space Typhoon

October 13th, 2011

For the first time in a long time, Duelists can play 3 Mystical Space Typhoons!  The Quick-Play powerhouse is 1 of the simplest cards ever printed, but it’s also 1 of the most powerful.  The ability to destroy any card in your opponent’s Spell and Trap Card Zone can ruin your opponent’s combos, and leave them open to game-winning attacks.  It couldn’t be easier: just activate Typhoon, pick your target, and watch it get blown away!

But is it really that easy?  Experienced Duelists know that there’s more to Mystical Space Typhoon than meets the eye. Here are some basic techniques that can help you make the most of it.


When you activate Typhoon and destroy 1 of your opponent’s cards, you trade your Typhoon for whatever you destroyed.  That’s not a bad deal, but it could be better.  If you Set Typhoon, and your opponent tries to target it with an effect of their own, you can Chain the Typhoon and get its effect anyways.  Monsters like Caius the Shadow Monarch and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress have effects that can target your back row cards: if either monster goes after your Typhoon, you can activate it in response to destroy something. Your opponent loses a Spell or Trap, and they wasted their monster’s ability.

Sometimes the best answer to your opponent’s Typhoon can be your own!  If your opponent activates Typhoon and targets your Set copy, you can Chain it to destroy another Spell or Trap.  You lose your Typhoon, while your opponent loses their Typhoon plus whatever you target.  Setting Mystical Space Typhoon can make your opponent think that you have a Trap Card when you don’t: and when they finally try to destroy it, you can Chain yours to come out on top.


Speaking of Chains, here are 3 Trap Cards that could be Chained to your Mystical Space Typhoon if you aren’t careful.  All of these cards have effects that are valuable, even if Typhoon destroys them right after they’re activated.  But remember: a Trap Card can’t be activated the same turn it’s Set.  If you have Typhoon face-down, and your opponent Sets a Trap or a Quick-Play, then you can wait until their End Phase.  When your opponent tries to end their turn, you can activate Typhoon to destroy their card.  Since it was just set, it can’t be activated in response.  Saving your Typhoon until your opponent sets a fresh target guarantees that you won’t waste your card.

Finally, make sure you don’t play Mystical Space Typhoon just for the sake of playing it.  Whenever you think about activating Typhoon, ask yourself these questions:

Do I know what that face-down card I’m targeting is? If you don’t know for sure what you’re targeting, your opponent might Chain it, and your Typhoon could be wasted.

Do I have a followup? Remember, you don’t need to destroy your opponent’s defenses if you don’t plan to attack yet.  If you’re not ready to be aggressive, don’t waste Typhoon.  You can Set it to bluff and fend off attacks, or you can keep it in your hand for later.

Sometimes it’s really tempting to activate Mystical Space Typhoon as soon as you draw it.  But the best Duelists know that you shouldn’t play Typhoon until you know it’s safe, and that it’ll help you win the Duel.  Just destroying a card isn’t enough: showing your opponent that you have 1 less defensive card could actually get them to attack you more.  Be patient, and make sure that when you do activate Typhoon, it helps you win your Duel.