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Get Equipped, with the Vylons!

January 24th, 2012

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion has 6 unique groups of monsters for Duelists to use, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Storm of Ragnarok gave you a sneak peek at one of them: the Vylons, a group of LIGHT monsters that revolve around using Equip Spell Cards to create monsters with huge ATK. Read on to learn about Equip Spell Cards and how the Vylons use them to devastate their opponents.

Equip Spells are a special kind of Spell card. When you use them, you have to target a face-up monster on the field. Then, they stay on the field and are “equipped” to that monster until they are destroyed, or the monster they are equipped to is destroyed, leaves the field, or is flipped face-down. Equip Spells usually give the equipped monster bonuses like increased ATK and DEF, but there are a lot of other effects too.

Here’s an example from Hidden Arsenal 5. Vylon Material can be equipped to any “Vylon” monster. It gives the equipped monster 600 more Attack Points. It also has another effect that you can use if Vylon Material is destroyed or sent to the Graveyard that lets you get another “Vylon” Spell from your Deck.

Vylon monsters are all about making the best use of cards like this. Here are some of the basics of how they work!

The Vylon monsters have effects that get stronger depending on how many Equip cards you control. Vylon Vanguard allows you to draw a card for each Equip card equipped to it when it’s destroyed by a card effect, Vylon Soldier can change the opponent’s monster’s Battle Positions when it attacks while equipped, and Vylon Charger powers up all of your monsters if it has Equip cards equipped to it. Vylon Ohm lets you reuse an Equip Spell from your Graveyard.

Vylon Decks can also Synchro Summon powerful monsters that use Equip Cards to overwhelm the opponent. The vicious Vylon Epsilon can destroy a monster each turn, by sending an Equip card equipped to it to the Graveyard. If you used a “Vylon” Equip Spell, you’ll even get a new Equip Spell to replace it with! You also don’t have to worry about Mystical Space Typhoon destroying Epsilon’s Equip cards; Vylon Epsilon protects your opponent from targeting Equip cards equipped to it.

Perhaps even scarier than Epsilon is the solitary Vylon Sigma. He doesn’t like company, and is more than capable of looking after himself. Whenever Sigma attacks while you control no other monsters, you can search your Deck for ANY Equip card and equip it to Sigma! Searching out cards like Mage Power to boost his power to game-ending heights is a simple and effective move.

The Vylons showcase the power of Equip Cards, and prove how they can help you win. By equipping your monsters with Equip cards, not only do you make their ATK stronger, but you can also gain heaps of cool effects, especially in a Vylon deck. Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion contains a whole bunch of Vylon cards to build a Vylon Deck, and more will be coming in the future!

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