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Classic Cards Return!

April 3rd, 2012

There’s a long history embedded in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Forbidden & Limited List. Each card on the List has proven its power, and earned its place there some time after its release. Now, the restrictions on some of the oldest cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG have been lifted, and Duelists are free to run multiple copies of powerful classic cards.

Torrential Tribute’s Semi-Limited Status is Making Waves at Tournaments!

For the first time ever, Torrential Tribute is Semi-Limited. It has been Limited since 2004, and over the past 8 years, Duelists have gotten accustomed to checking an opponent’s Graveyard to see if his only copy of Torrential Tribute was in there. If it was, a Duelist knew that it was safe to Summon a monster. After all, Torrential Tribute was the only popular Trap Card that could wipe the field when a monster was Summoned.

But now, Duelists will need to change up their habits. Now that Duelists can use two copies of Torrential Tribute, even checking an opponent’s Graveyard for one Torrential Tribute doesn’t make it safe to go back in the water. Whenever you Summon a monster and your opponent has a back row, there’s an omnipresent threat that your opponent will wipe the field clear with Torrential Tribute. Torrential Tribute’s new status on the Forbidden & Limited List will change up the way Duelists think, and force them to be more cautious than they’ve been in years.

Expect More Monsters to Rise From the Graveyard with Call of the Haunted!

Call of the Haunted has been on the Forbidden & Limited List for even longer than Torrential Tribute! It was Limited for a long time, and even spent a year and a half Forbidden! But in September of 2011, Call of the Haunted was bumped up to 2-per-Deck for the first time since it was released. Now, under the March 2012 Forbidden & Limited List, Call of the Haunted is finally Unlimited!

Duelists can use as many as 3 copies of Call of the Haunted in their Decks. That’s great news for Duelists with lots of big monsters. When a monster falls to the Graveyard, a Duelist is now more likely than ever before to have that monster rise up and retaliate against an opponent. It’s also great if you’re playing with monsters that have effects that go off whenever they’re destroyed, like T.G. monsters or Card Trooper.

Psychic Monsters are Teleporting to Tournaments Near You!

Emergency Teleport isn’t nearly as old as some of the other cards on the Forbidden & Limited List, but it has had an equally strong presence in the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Emergency Teleport was only Unlimited for about 7 months after its release in 2008, but during that time, it defined the most powerful Deck in existence. Key to the “TeleDAD” Deck, Duelists used Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Krebons, a Level 2 Psychic Tuner, and Tune it with the Level 6 Destiny Hero – Malicious to make Level 8 Synchro Monsters. Decks that used these Synchro Monsters and that were supported by Dark Armed Dragon, reigned supreme.

But after the short 6 months of TeleDAD’s dominance, the impact of the Deck was toned down. Dark Armed Dragon was Limited, Destiny Hero – Malicious became Semi-Limited, and  Emergency Teleport was Limited to 1. Emergency Teleport has remained Limited ever since.

…Until now! Emergency Teleport has been Semi-Limited by the March 2012 Forbidden & Limited List. Although many pieces of the TeleDAD Deck still remain hit, it’s likely to find a new niche in Psychic Decks. While Emergency Teleport was Limited, powerful new Psychic Monsters like Serene Psychic Witch and Esper Girl were released. For the first time ever, these Psychic Monsters can be used with two copies of Emergency Teleport in your Deck.

Big Boosts are Coming to Popular Decks!

These aren’t the only cards that are likely to see more play under the newest Forbidden & Limited List. Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Marshmallon, Level Limit Area B, and Shien’s Smoke Signal were all Limited to 1 before the start of the new format, and Duelists are now able to use 2 copies of each in their Decks. This gives a big boost to lots of Decks that have been popular at one point or another, including Lightsworn Decks and Six Samurai Decks.

There’s no telling what creative Duelists will do with the changes brought by the newest Forbidden & Limited List. These new changes open up a lot of possibilities, and the best Duelists will be sure to take advantage of the possibilities on the horizon.

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