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Devastating Traps: Chain Disappearance

April 11th, 2012

Chain Disappearance initiates a three-pronged attack that can single-handedly dismantle an opponent’s strategy. First, it banishes a monster with 1000 ATK that was just Summoned. Second, it banishes all copies of that monster from your opponent’s hand. Third, it banishes all copies of that monster from your opponent’s Deck. If an opponent relies on using a single small monster to win, or a specific combination of 2 small monsters, he’ll be devastated when Chain Disappearance wipes them all from existence.

Some Decks are more vulnerable to Chain Disappearance than others. Inzektor Decks, for example, usually rely on the effects of their weakest Inzektors to carry the rest of the Deck. Inzektor Hornet only has 500 ATK, but all of the Inzektors use Hornet to destroy cards. If you can banish all of your opponent’s copies of Inzektor Hornet with Chain Disappearance, your opponent won’t be able to combine his other Inzektors with his Hornets to destroy your cards.

Similarly, most Inzektor Decks rely on the 1000 ATK Inzektor Dragonfly to swarm the field. If you can banish all of an opponent’s copies of Inzektor Dragonfly with Chain Disappearance, your opponent will be Dueling at a big disadvantage.

Wind-Up Decks are also vulnerable to Chain Disappearance. Wind-Up Rat is essential for pulling off the discard loop with Wind-Up Hunter or swarming the field with copies of Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. If you banish all of an opponent’s Wind-Up Rats with Chain Disappearance, it’ll be much harder for him to Xyz Summon Rank 3 monsters.

Less popular Decks are also dangerously vulnerable to Chain Disappearance. Dragunity Decks, for instance, usually rely on Special Summoning Dragunity Phalanx to Synchro Summon big monsters. Banish all of an opponent’s Phalanxes with Chain Disappearance, and your opponent will lose access to his strongest monsters. An opponent using a Monarch Deck may have trouble Tribute Summoning if you banish all of his Treeborn Frogs with Chain Disappearance, and an Infernity Duelist will lose his best combos if you banish his Infernity Necromancers.

Chain Disappearance is strongest against Decks with niche cards that it can banish. That’s what makes it great for Side Decks. But Chain Disappearance can also banish some cards that are used in many different Decks. Sangan, for example, has 1000 ATK and is vulnerable to Chain Disappearance. Sangan is Limited to 1, so you won’t be able to banish any extra copies from an opponent’s hand or Deck; but sometimes banishing a single on-field Sangan is good enough. Chain Disappearance can also banish Tour Guide From the Underworld. Most Duelists using Tour Guide run 3 copies, so if you banish one of them from the field with Chain Disappearance, there’s a good chance you’ll banish a couple more from your opponent’s hand and Deck, too.

If weak monsters are beating you in Duels, think about using Chain Disappearance to take them down. Chain Disappearance attacks an opponent’s hand, field, and Deck to wipe out multiple threats at once.

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