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Devastating Traps: Divine Wrath

April 12th, 2012

If you look at any of today’s top Decks, you’ll see that there’s plenty of Effect Monsters that are vital for winning Duels. Rescue Rabbit, Wind-Up Rat, Inzektor Dragonfly and Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World are all key cards whose effects can swing Duels in the favour of those using them. Duelists are trying all sorts of cards to prevent these effects from resolving but there’s one card that could have the potential to trump them all: Divine Wrath.

Divine Wrath is a Counter Trap Card that lets you discard 1 card to negate the activation of any monster effect, and destroy said monster. It’s a powerful effect that accomplishes more than what Duelists are using right now to combat opposing monster effects. The key difference between Divine Wrath and cards like Fiendish Chain and Forbidden Chalice is that Divine Wrath also destroys the monster in question. This is a huge benefit when you consider that your opponent can simply wait a turn and still attack this turn with added power (if you used Chalice) or respond with something like Mystical Space Typhoon if you played Fiendish Chain.

The other big benefit to playing Divine Wrath is that only a few cards can negate its effect. Counter Trap Cards are the only cards that can be Chained to Divine Wrath, and the most commonly played one is of course Solemn Judgment (some Duelists play Seven Tools of the Bandit, but it’s rare to see that Set). However, Divine Wrath can force your opponent to pay a hefty price, as Solemn Judgment costs a Duelist half of his Life Points in order to play it. Either way, you win out; you get rid of their key monster and negate its effect, or you eliminate their strongest Trap Card and half their Life Points.

Such a powerful effect does come with a cost though; you need to discard a card to activate Divine Wrath. However, in the right Deck that could actually be of great benefit to your overall gameplan. Any Deck that likes to have monsters in the Graveyard should certainly consider running Divine Wrath. Dark World Decks can discard Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and then Summon it for free later on with its effect. This won’t trigger the effect to destroy a card, however, because discarding is a cost to play Divine Wrath. Inzektors can send any of their key monsters to the Graveyard, especially Hornet, and then Summon another Inzektor monster to equip it to them. Wind-Ups can pitch Wind-Up Hunter to the Graveyard and revive it with Wind-Up Rat’s effect to kick off their big combo. HERO Decks can send any monster they like to the Graveyard and use it for Miracle Fusion later on or pull a discarded Neos Alius back to the hand with Hero Blast. Divine Wrath can work in pretty much any Deck.

Among the key cards in every Deck that every Duelist tries to negate, Divine Wrath can also hit those cards that dodge Fiendish Chain and Effect Veiler. The key one is Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. If your opponent leaves their field wide open in the hopes that you’d attack, you can make sure that their Gorz won’t help them by negating its effect to Summon itself or the effect to Summon an Emissary of Darkness Token, leaving you free to attack with your other monsters to seal the Duel. You can also stop the effects of cards that activate in the Graveyard, like Sangan and the T.G. monsters.

Divine Wrath is an underrated card right now, but if people start to experiment with it and find the best Decks to play it in, it’s could very well become the next big thing to add to your Spell and Trap lineup.

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