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3 Shocking Sealed Play Combos!

May 25th, 2012

One of the keys to success in Battle Pack Sealed is to be able to analyze all your cards on the fly and visualize combos that you might never have considered before. There are no training wheels in Sealed, no families of similarly named monsters with their own personal Spells and Traps. You have to come up with it all on your own, frequently in the heat of battle. There are a lot of cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn that you’ve probably never used before, so to help ease you into it, I’ve got three combos for you, each involving a card(s) you’ve likely never considered playing with before, that’ll drop some serious hurt on your opponent!

Double Displeasure

Under normal circumstances, the key to using Different Dimension Gate effectively is making sure that the monster you give up has already been useful in some way. For example, it works great with Vortex Trooper. Normal Summon Vortex Trooper, use its effect to get some fresh cards, then banish it for Different Dimension Gate so that it doesn’t become an open conduit to your Life Points. Then, if the Gate is destroyed and Trooper returns, it’ll still draw you a card when it gets whacked. That’s pretty good, but I don’t want my opponent to ever retrieve his monster, I don’t ever want to take that hit, and I do need to banish both of my opponent’s giant monsters.


By exploiting the fact that the banished monsters only return when Different Dimension Gate is destroyed, I can use one Gate to take out two monsters. And once Zephyros lets me pick up the Gate, the first monsters to be banished are gone forever, no risk of letting the vast majority of the huge high-Level monsters or any of the Xyz Monsters available back into the Duel. Of course, your monster won’t be coming back either, but there’s a good chance that you didn’t have to Tribute anything for your monster. Heck, it might even have been a Token Monster that wouldn’t be able to come back anyways.

Speaking of Token monsters, guess what this combo is super-effective against. It’s Gorz. Banish Gorz first and the Emissary Token second, and even if your Gate is later destroyed, the only monster that’s coming back is Zephyros.

Championship Ring

One of the things that makes Number 39: Utopia so useful is its ability to protect any monster from attack, not just itself. Jason talked about using it to keep Toon Gemini Elf safe, but that’s not the only monster that benefits from being unassailable. Being able to protect smaller monsters that have incredible upside can win you lots of Duels, and there’s a Trap that does it for free.


One of my favorite uses for Pixie Ring is to use it to keep Raging Flame Sprite on the field and attacking directly every turn. Let’s say I start off with Zombyra the Dark and then follow up with Raging Flame Sprite and Pixie Ring. On the first turn, my opponent takes 100, and the Sprite can’t be attacked which my opponent won’t find out until his Battle Phase. On the second turn, my opponent takes 1100 and nether monster can be attacked since they’re now both at 2100. After that, my opponent is taking 2100 and I don’t need Pixie Ring or Zombyra anymore because I have a 3100 ATK Raging Flame Sprite.

This combo is nasty because it forces your opponent to dump some removal right now before the Sprite gets out of hand. And if they haven’t got it, they’re in for a world of hurt. Other cards that Pixie Ring works well with include Injection Fairy Lily, Fox Fire, The Calculator, Helping Robo for Combat, Amazoness Sage, Psi-Blocker, Big Shield Gardna, Pitch-Black Warwolf, Card Trooper, and any pair of 1900 ATK monsters.

Now You’re Playing With Power Giant

Power Giant is one of the most criminally overlooked cards in Dueling. Despite how good the Quickdraw Dandywarrior Deck was when Power Giant and Tuning were released, there was never any real interest in either, even though they were both quite good in the Deck. In a format with such limited Special Summon capabilities and cards like Magic Cylinder running around, Power Giant cannot be ignored. And it’s interaction with a certain Level 1 monster is sure to impress.


Level Eater is the best possible monster to pitch to Summon Power Giant. If there’s one better in all of Epic Dawn, I haven’t found it yet. You can throw down Power Giant as a Level 5 monster, then reduce it to 4 to bring back Level Eater. You still haven’t Normal Summoned yet, so you can Tribute one or both monsters to Tribute Summon something huge. It’s a solid combo that lets you get Level 5+ monsters into play way faster than your opponent might expect, and frequently ends with multiple 2200+ ATK monster on the field at the same time. But if you really want to drop the hammer hard and fast…

Let’s throw Backup Warrior into the mix. Special Summon Power Giant in Defense Position, bring back Level Eater in Defense Positon, and then Special Summon Backup Warrior from your hand. Now you can Summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Yes, it’s a 4-card combo, including Obelisk. Yes, it’s easier to use Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts and Backup Warrior, as that’s only a 3-card combo. But using the extra card lets you do this without any help from the opponent and is absolutely what Seto Kaiba would do. And sometimes, that’s all that you really care about!

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn hits the streets and your Official Tournament Store on Tuesday, so you better get ready!