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Sealed Play Rank 5 Summoning Tips

June 1st, 2012

When I first saw the Rank 5 Xyz Monsters in Epic Dawn, they seemed really tough to Summon. But even within the 220 cards chosen for Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, there are plenty of ways to Summon a Rank 5 Xyz Monster and turn the Duel on its head!

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn contains 2 Rank 5 Xyz Monsters, Tiras, Keeper of Genesis, and Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon. Read on to learn some of the ways you can Summon Tiras and Adreus in a Sealed Pack situation.


Easy Rank 5 Tactic #1: Use some tough Level 5 monsters


The Battle Pack contains some good Level 5 monsters with great effects, and if you’re inclined to Summon a Rank 5 monster without using any Level changing tricks, you’ll need 2 of them. When you’re looking for Level 5 monsters to use for an Xyz Summon, look for monsters with powerful one-shot effects like Zaborg, or monsters with protective abilities like Freed the Matchless General and Vampire Lord. Monsters that return to the field, like Twin-Headed Behemoth or Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite, or strong monsters that can stick around for a few turns, like Gogogo Golem or Giant Soldier of Stone, are the best kinds of monsters you can use to Tribute Summon these Level 5 monsters.

Easy Rank 5 Tactic #2: Use easy to summon Level 5 monsters


While it’s a good idea trying to Tribute Summon your powerful monsters, you should also keep an eye out for Level 5 monsters you can get onto the field without Tributing. One of the most notorious Level 5 monsters, Cyber Dragon, fits very nicely here, since it can be Special Summoned if your opponent has a monster on the field while you don’t. The Tricky is another cool card to Special Summon, too. Another monster you can Special Summon is Backup Warrior, by controlling 2 Defense Position monsters. Here’s a simple combo you could use to Xyz Summon Tiras or Adreus (provided your opponent has a monster):

  • Special Summon Cyber Dragon from your hand, in Defense Position.
  • Set a monster in face-down Defense Position.
  • Since you control 2 Defense Position monsters, you can Special Summon Backup Warrior and Xyz Summon a Rank 5 Xyz Monster!

Sometimes little combos like these are what make your Sealed Play Deck unique. Getting a powerful monster like Tiras or Adreus on to the field can immediately swing the Duel’s momentum in your favour!

Easy Rank 5 Tactic #3: Use ”Level 5” monsters.


While the first Tactic was a slow, but powerful manoeuvre, this Tactic has one goal in mind: get your Rank 5 onto the field, as fast as possible. Some of the monsters in the Battle Pack are able to change their level in order to make Xyz Summoning easier. The 3 Wind-Up monsters and Gagaga Magician are all able to make themselves become a Level 5 monster, which makes Xyz Summoning your Rank 5 monster that much easier. It can be as simple as Special Summoning a Cyber Dragon, and then Normal Summoning one of these guys and using its effect, giving you a Rank 5 Xyz Monster right away. Alternatively, you can use Level Eater on a Level 6 monster to Special Summon it, then Tribute that Level Eater for a Level 5 monster! There are a lot of cool combos to pull off in the Battle Pack, and learning to manipulate your monster’s Levels may be an important factor to consider when Duelling with Battle Packs.

Tiras and Adreus are crazy powerful, so you want to get them onto the field if possible. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these brutal Xyz Monsters, remember to look for:

  • Tough Level 5 monsters
  • Easy to Summon monsters
  • Monsters that can change their Levels

With those things in mind, it’ll be easy to summon these powerhouses in battle and decimate your opponent with their power!