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Wait, it does what?! Five Battle Pack cards to read very carefully!

June 8th, 2012

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn reintroduces a ton of cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world! Many of these cards have been out of the limelight for years. They have effects that might seem simple at first, but if you’re just skimming the text, you could miss key words or phrases. The last thing you want is to lose your Match because you didn’t see one word! Check out these cards you’ll definitely want to read twice.


Unlimited return trips to the field and adorable too? What could possibly go wrong here?

A lot, if you put Fox Fire face-down. Fox Fire says it must be face-up before it battles, or it won’t be coming back. Countless players can attest to putting Fox Fire face-down, only to get shut down. Also watch out for Cloudian – Poison Cloud, which also needs to be face-up before it battles.


When Liberty at Last! was first printed, it incorrectly stated that it returned monsters to the owner’s hand. In fact, it actually returns them to the Deck, which was immediately announced on the official website. Unfortunately, many players were unaware that such a thing could happen and that they should play using the announced correct text. That meant if a Duelist wanted to use Liberty at Last!, they’d have to convince many of their opponents of what the card actually did! Not many were willing to rise to that particular challenge. Liberty at Last! has achieved liberty from controversy, at last, and has now been printed with the text it was always meant to have.

But all that isn’t the only reason Liberty is on our list! It also has an effect that could be easy to misread. Liberty must target two monsters for its effect. That means if your opponent only has one monster and you activate Liberty at Last!, you’ll be forced to return one of your own monsters to your Deck or not use it at all!


Guardian Sphinx is tough, no doubt about it. Huge DEF and a killer effect make it hard to play around. There is, however, one commonly overlooked fact about the Sphinx which could help you: It only activates when it is Flip Summoned. That is, NOT when it is attacked!

What does that mean for you? You attack Guardian Sphinx to turn it face-up without triggering its effect. Now if your opponent wants to use Sphinx’s effect, they’ll have to flip Sphinx face-down, then Flip Summon it. That leaves it stuck in a more vulnerable attack position, ready to be taken down.


With the power to make your monsters bigger and let them smash through defense monsters, Big Bang Shot is already a great card, but there’s some tricks to be had too. When Big Bang Shot says it inflicts piercing damage to your opponent, it is referring to the opponent of Big Bang Shot’s controller. That means you can actually equip Big Bang Shot to an opposing monster, and if it ever wants to attack a defense position monster you control, your opponent will be taking all the piercing Battle Damage! When you’re ready to get rid of that monster, just get Big Bang Shot off the field and it will banish the equipped monster.


Finishing off our list, it’s a card that’s been confusing Duelists ever since Spell Ruler! Cyber Jar has a pretty crazy effect that can easily shift a Duel into either player’s favor. It’s a bit complicated and can drastically alter your Duel, so we’ll go through it step by step.

-First, destroy all monsters on the field.
-Then, each player reveals the top five cards of their Deck. If there are less than 5, reveal as many as possible.
-Each player must Special Summon any Level 4 or less monsters they revealed. Each one can be either in face-up attack or face-down defense position. (Whenever a card has both players do something simultaneously like this, the turn player makes their choices first.)
-All the other revealed cards are added to their owner’s hand.

So the field gets reset, then refilled, and both players get a total of five new cards to work with!

While these are our most notable choices for you to double check, every single card in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn has been updated with Problem-Solving Card Text! So even if you think you know them by heart, try reading over some of the classics when you’re opening up your Battle Packs. You might just be surprised at the results!

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