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Sealed Play: How do I set up a Tribute Summon?

June 19th, 2012

Some of your strongest monsters in Battle Pack Sealed are Tribute Monsters. You can Summon Skull Archfiend of Lightning, Dark Magician of Chaos, and even Obelisk the Tormentor; but only if you’re able to Tribute enough monsters! You need to Tribute 1 monster for Level 5 or 6 monsters, 2 for a Level 7 or higher monster. Obelisk is special and requires 3 Tributes. The biggest hurdle when you want to Tribute Summon is getting enough monsters on the field to Tribute, so here are 3 common ways you’ll be able to amass some monsters to Tribute in Sealed Play.

1.) Swarm the Field with Monsters to Tribute!


Cards that can Special Summon more than 1 monster to the field are perfect for giving you monsters to Tribute. Cyber Jar, for example, can fill your field with monsters to Tribute. Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts leaves behind 2 Nordic Beast Tokens for you to Tribute when it’s destroyed in battle. Both of these cards will make it a breeze to Summon your Level 5 or higher monsters.

Other cards that Special Summon monsters to the field can also help you set up a Tribute Summon Summon. Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, and Autonomous Action Unit, for example, will each let you Summon a monster to the field without using up your Normal Summon. If you Summon a weak monster, you can Tribute it right away to Normal Summon a more powerful monster from your hand.

2.) Make your Monsters Tough to Destroy!


If your opponent can’t destroy your monsters, they’ll stick around on your field so that you can Tribute them later in the Duel. Cards like Swords of Revealing Light, which stops your opponent from attacking for 3 turns, and Hedge Guard, which can be discarded from your hand to protect a monster that would be destroyed in battle, will help your monsters stick around.

Some monsters, like Krebons and Dark Resonator, can protect themselves with their effects. Krebons can block attacks at the cost of 800 Life Points, and Dark Resonator needs to be attacked twice before it can fall in battle.

Don’t underestimate the value of high Defense Points, either! Monsters like Giant Soldier of Stone and Hedge Guard are tough to destroy in battle because each of them has at least 2000 DEF. Those Defense Points help them stay on the field until you can Tribute them.

3.) Take Your Opponent’s Monsters!


Another great way to Summon Tribute Monsters is by taking your opponent’s monsters to use as Tribute. If you take control of an opponent’s monster with Change of Heart or Snatch Steel, you can Tribute that monster for a more powerful one. Soul Exchange will also help you set up a Tribute Summon, since it lets you Tribute a monster on your opponent’s side of the field in place of one of your own.

These are just a few ways that you can get monsters to Tribute in Sealed Play. See what other tricks you can come up with to Summon your most powerful monsters to the field!