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More Top Tech going into the North American WCQ

June 23rd, 2012

Previously, we checked out 4 cards that have been gaining popularity and are likely to be used at the top tables in the upcoming North American World Championship Qualifier. Here are 4 more!

1.) Macro Cosmos


Macro Cosmos has been a popular Side Deck card for a while, but now it might be more popular than ever before. It’s even used in some Duelists’ Main Decks!

Macro Cosmos shuts down lots of Decks by stopping cards from entering the Graveyard. While Macro Cosmos is face-up on the field, Inzektor monsters like Inzektor Hornet can’t be sent from the Spell & Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard to activate their effects, and Dark World monsters can’t activate their effects when they’re discarded.

Plus, since cards that would go to the Graveyard are banished instead, Dragon Decks have a tough time getting a DARK and LIGHT monster in the Graveyard to banish for Lightpulsar Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, or Chaos Sorcerer. Macro Cosmos also stops Duelists from using the effects of popular monsters like Effect Veiler and Maxx “C”.

Macro Cosmos has become especially popular in Dino Rabbit Decks, since Dino Rabbit Decks don’t rely on sending cards to the Graveyard to win. But other Decks that are less vulnerable to Macro Cosmos than their rival Decks have also started exploring Macro Cosmos’s power.

2.) Return from the Different Dimension


Duelists have also found the perfect card for fighting back against Macro Cosmos: Return from the Different Dimension! Return from the Different Dimension Special Summons all of your banished monsters at the cost of half of your Life Points. If enough of them are banished, Return from the Different Dimension can single-handedly win you a Duel!

But countering Macro Cosmos isn’t the only thing Return from the Different Dimension is good for. Lots of Decks banish their own monsters and can take advantage of bringing those monsters back with Return from the Different Dimension. Dino Rabbit Decks easily banish Rescue Rabbit. Dragon Decks constantly banish DARK and LIGHT monsters with Lightpulsar Dragon and Chaos monsters.

A single Return from the Different Dimension can turn a Duel around by swarming the field with an unstoppable army just when you need it. Expect to see a lot of comeback victories at the World Championship Qualifier thanks to this card.

3.) Raigeki Break


Raigeki Break can destroy monsters like Rescue Rabbit and Chaos Sorcerer before they get to use their effects, and more and more Duelists are starting to use it. It’s a pretty good answer to just about anything. At the cost of a discard, Raigeki Break lets you destroy any card on the field. It’s a simple card that’s gradually gaining popularity. We may see some Duelists using Raigeki Break at the top tables at the upcoming World Championship Qualifier.

4.) Safe Zone


Safe Zone is more than just a counter to Raigeki Break – it’s also a rising tech card! Safe Zone can protect your monsters from cards that just about every Deck uses, like Dark Hole and Mirror Force. It’ll also save your monsters from popular niche cards like Chaos Sorcerer and Gemini Spark.

Choose a monster to protect with Safe Zone, and your opponent will have a tough time destroying it. Protect a monster with an effect that activates every turn, like Inzektor Dragonfly, and you’ll be able to keep using that monster’s effect until you eventually win the Duel.

Safe Zone has also become a popular card for destroying an opponent’s monsters. When your opponent tries to destroy Safe Zone with cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and Heavy Storm, Chain Safe Zone and target an opponent’s Attack Position monster to take down that monster. If your opponent targets your Safe Zone with Inzektor Hornet’s effect, you can even prevent the effect of the Inzektor monster that the Hornet was attached to by targeting that Inzektor monster with Safe Zone and destroying it.

These are just a few more tech cards that we’ll see at the upcoming World Championship Qualifier. Expect a lot more cards to surprise and excite you when the North American World Championship Qualifier begins!

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