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WCQ Side Deck Cards

June 29th, 2012

Your Side Deck is just as important as your Main Deck when you’re competing in events. Every Match will have a Duel 2, and some will have a Duel 3, which means you can use your Side Deck for over half of the Duels you compete in. What cards you use in your Side Deck can have a huge impact on how well you do against certain Decks, and here’s some cards you many want to consider when playing at your region’s World Championship Qualifier.

There’s no denying that Chaos Dragons is one of the strongest Decks you’re likely to come across at any event right now. It’s very fast, very powerful and very difficult to defeat if you’re not prepared. Dragons have been powerful cards ever since we first saw Blue-Eyes White Dragon over 10 years ago, and there have been several cards created to specifically take down Dragon-Types.

Victoria is one of the best cards out there right now that few Duelists are using. Once per turn, Victoria can revive one of your opponent’s Dragon-Type monsters for free to your side of the field, something that can instantly swing a Duel in your favour! Many of the monsters in a Chaos Dragon Deck have over 2000 ATK, and you can Summon any of them to take down the ones on the field. Also, Summoning your opponent’s Dragons means they have less cards to Summon with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and less ways to Summon and use Lightpulsar Dragon’s effect.


Victoria gets even stronger if you’re playing Chaos Dragons yourself. There’s no better feeling in a Duel then to take your opponent’s Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Summon your own copy from your hand or Graveyard, and then Summon another Dragon for free as well. Victoria can turn an empty field into 4 monsters in an instant, something that every Chaos Dragon Duelist should consider when building their Side Deck!

Any Duelist that’s been playing for a long time knows that whenever Chaos Decks are popular, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer’s bound to be seen at some point, and this format’s the perfect time for it to make another comeback. Just like Victoria, Kycoo’s an 1800 ATK Level 4 monster, so you can Summon and use it right away. While you control Kycoo, your opponent can’t banish cards from their Graveyard, and if you manage to deal Battle Damage with it, you can banish 2 of them yourself.coo

While Kycoo’s on the field, your opponent won’t be able to Summon Chaos Sorcerer, Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning, Lightpulsar Dragon or Darkflare Dragon (from their hand). They also won’t be able to use Miracle Fusion to Summon HERO monsters or The Gates of Dark World to draw free cards. Kycoo will work against several Decks, either by emptying their Graveyards or preventing opponents from doing so, so expect to see it in several Side Decks at the WCQ.

One thing to take note of is that several decks can potentially win a World Championship Qualifier, and you need to prepare for all of them with your Side Deck, just in case you come up against them over the weekend. Here are some more cards that would be worth considering.


Messenger of Peace is a Continuous Spell Card that prevents monsters with 1500 or more ATK from battling. By playing this against high ATK Decks like Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit, you can buy yourself some time, set up some combos of your own, and take down those monsters when you’re ready. Messenger of Peace has a nifty side-effect where you can choose to destroy it yourself, so it only needs to hang around for as long as you need it to.

Electric Virus can be discarded from your hand to take control of an opposing Machine or Dragon-Type monster for a turn. It’s obviously strong against Dragon Decks, but can also be used to get around Wind-Up Zenmaines, or Evolzar Laggia. If you take a Laggia that has Xyz Materials attached to it, you can use those to negate your opponent’s cards, turning their best monster against them!

Stealth Bird is a card you wouldn’t normally consider for your Side Deck, but it happens to be one of the best cards to use against Final Countdown Decks. While Royal Decree can shut down most of their defenses, Countdown Duelists will expect you to side it and add in cards to get rid of it, but Stealth Bird is much tougher for them to stop. Since all of your opponent’s cards are designed to stop battles from happening, inflicting damage with Stealth Bird’s effect every turn is a great way to get around it, so even if your opponent does use Final Countdown, you can bring down their Life Points turn by turn.

As you can see, the cards you add to your Side Deck can have a big say in how well you do in Duels 2 and 3 of a Match. Choose the right ones and a matchup that once seemed impossible could become incredibly easy, especially if you draw them early on. Try out the above cards at a few local tournaments or against your friends, so that you’re ready when it comes to the WCQ weekend, and best of luck!

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