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Sealed Play Secrets: Keeping Your Cool

July 13th, 2012

Sealed Play for Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is lots of fun, but Duelists sometimes give up hope, get angry, and stop thinking as soon as their opponent makes a good move. That’s a surefire recipe for a loss, but there are a few things you should remember that’ll help you keep your cool in tough situations. Here are some tips that’ll help you have a fun and successful Sealed Play experience!

1.) “Forbidden” Doesn’t Mean Unbeatable

Just because a card is Forbidden in the Advanced Format doesn’t mean that the card is unbeatable in Sealed Play. In fact, you can win all of your Duels in Sealed Play for Battle Pack: Epic Dawn without opening a single Forbidden card in any of your packs!

Don’t despair if your opponent has more cards in his Deck that are Forbidden in the Advanced Format than you do, or if your opponent has the opportunity to Summon or activate one of them. Just stay calm and remember that you have your own arsenal of cards to use against him.

The Advanced Format is very different than Battle Pack Sealed. Cards that have been deemed too powerful for the Advanced Format are frequently very manageable in Duels using only the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn card pool, and cards that are legal in the Advanced Format may be exceptionally powerful in Sealed Play. Most Duelists would agree that they’d rather have Gorz the Emissary of Darkness in their Sealed Deck than Witch of the Black Forest, but only Witch is Forbidden in the Advanced Format.

No matter what you pull in your packs, just keep your cool and realize that you have the chance to win as long as you play your cards right. Every Duelist will have a different Deck in Battle Pack Sealed, but no Duelist will be unstoppable.

2.) The Duel Can Shift at Any Moment

There are lots of cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn that can change a Duel at any moment. Cyber Jar can destroy all monsters and replace them with new ones, Snatch Steal can take your strongest monster, and Morphing Jar will give both Duelists new hands. But that’s part of the fun!

Don’t worry if your opponent uses these cards against you – keep your cool, and find ways to beat them. A shift in momentum doesn’t mean the Duel is over. You can make a comeback as long as you’ve been playing your cards right and have the composure to keep doing so.

3.) Trying New Things is Fun and Leads to Success

In Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed Play, you’ll have the opportunity to Summon a bunch of awesome monsters that you’d normally never Summon in a Duel, and you’ll get to play with lots of cards that aren’t currently making their way into Advanced Format tournaments. You’ll also get all of the excitement of opening up packs and building up your collection with the cards you pull. Plus, you’ll see unique combos that don’t usually come up in Duels! And you know what? They’ll frequently help you win.

Keep these few tips in mind, and you’ll be able to keep your cool in Battle Pack Sealed. That’ll help you get the most fun out of your Sealed Play experience!