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Top Picks to Trigger Atlantean Tactical Abilities!

October 19th, 2012

The Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck’s new Atlantean monsters have added a whole new world of options to WATER strategies. Whenever Atlantean Dragoons, Atlantean Marksman, or Atlantean Heavy Infantry are sent to the Graveyard (from anywhere!) for a WATER monster’s effect, they’ll activate a powerful ability. Dragoons will add a Sea Serpent from your Deck to your hand, including but not limited to other Atlanteans. Marksman will destroy any Set card your opponent controls, while Heavy Infantry will destroy a face-up card. By using the Atlanteans, your WATER monsters are getting twice the power for their effects! Here are some good choices to combo with them.

"I think I need a bigger trident..."

Abyss Soldier has long been a WATER icon. Its powerful ability kept many Duelists on the ropes long ago – so much so that Abyss Soldier used to be Semi-Limited! He’s been drawn back into the spotlight thanks to the Atlanteans, as he’s one of the simplest ways to pull off their effects.

Just have Abyss Soldier bounce away any card you like. Using Atlantean Marksman or Atlantean Heavy Infantry will let you clear away a second card, or Atlantean Dragoons will replace itself with any Sea Serpent from your Deck. That makes Abyss Soldier’s effect better than cost-free, as it also gets you exactly what you want for later!

Can cast Acid Rain LV 4

Most monsters use discards or Tributes to pay their costs, but what if you could trigger your Atlanteans without waiting to draw them? Genex Undine is the card you’re looking for! When it’s Normal Summoned, it sends a WATER monster directly from the Deck to the Graveyard to give you a copy of Genex Controller. Sending the WATER monster is the cost of the effect, meaning you’ll trigger your Atlanteans just by Normal Summoning Undine!

Opponent has a giant monster? Summon Undine and send Heavy Infantry to the Graveyard. Problem solved. Want to set up a bunch of Synchro Summons? Have Undine send Dragoons to the Graveyard. Undine will get you Genex Controller, and Dragoons will get you Deep Sea Diva! You just got two tuners to your hand just for Normal Summoning.

"Bwahahaha! Now that Trishula and that meedling Brionac are gone, nothing will stop us from taking over the world!"

Don’t just look to your Main Deck for ways to trigger Atlantean abilities, there are plenty of great options found in your Extra Deck as well! Number 17: Leviathan Dragon is found in practically every Extra Deck already, and finds itself right at home fighting for Atlantis too. It’s also very easy to Summon using Atlantean Marksman’s first effect. Once you’ve dealt some Battle Damage, you’ll get another Atlantean from your Deck like Atlantean Attack Squad. Attack with your new monster, then Xyz Summon Leviathan Dragon. Have it detach Marksman to gain 500 ATK, and you’ll destroy any Set card.

If you’re looking for pure power, look no further than Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! Gungnir works much like Abyss Soldier, but takes things to an entirely different level. Not only does Gungnir totally destroy the targeted cards, but it can take out two at a time. That means you can trigger multiple Atlanteans at once! You can destroy two cards for free by discarding 2 Dragoons, or destroy four cards at a time with Marksman and Heavy Infantry!

Gungnir is easy to get into play, too. If you have a Level 3 monster (like Genex Undine), Summon Deep Sea Diva and have it bring out another Diva. First, Synchro Summon Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon, then tune Gishilnodon to the remaining Diva for Gungnir! If you’ve already used your Divas, you can pull off this same trick with Call of the Atlanteans!

These are just a few choice WATER monsters available to combine with the Atlanteans right now. Abyss Rising is coming soon, and there are sure to be a number of great new ways to get more bang for your buck on the way!