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ABYR Preview: This is How I Slushy

October 29th, 2012

What do you and terrible sea monsters have in common? If you answered “offshore bank accounts,” try again. The correct answer is that you both love cold treats on a hot day! Now for the first time ever, you and the behemoths of the deep can share your love of icy refreshment with the incomparable Slushy!

3-for-1 Special on Slushy

Slushy has two effects. The first is very simple: When you Normal Summon it, you get to pour another Slushy from your Deck into your cup Graveyard. That helps you to set up Slushy’s second ability, and it’s a doozy.

Once per turn, if you have 3 Slushies total in your Graveyard or banished, you can banish a Slushy from your Graveyard. Doing so feeds the Slushy to any Level 5 or higher Sea Serpent in your Graveyard, revitalizing it (or maybe just driving it mad from brain-freeze) and Special Summoning it back to the field!

Free Refills

Before you can serve them to your Sea Serpents, your first task is to get all three Slushies together. Its own effect is a great way to start things off, of course, but you’ll need a way to get the third Slushy out of your Deck.

Skreech (you get one in every Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck) is a fantastic card combined with Slushy. Wait for it to be destroyed in battle, and it’ll send a Slushy AND a high Level Sea Serpent to the Graveyard! After that, you only need Slushy’s own effect or another Skreech to have all three Slushies together!

If you’re already playing Treeborn Frog in your WATER Deck, there’s a good chance you’re playing Swap Frog too. Since Slushy is a WATER Aqua-type, Swap Frog can send it directly from the Deck to the Graveyard with its effect, or discard it to Special Summon itself!

"We LOVE Slushy!" - Everyone, ever.

Brain Freeze

Now that you’ve filled your cup with Slushies, it’s only fair to share with your monsters! The biggest monsters of Mermail and Atlantean strategies both love Slushy: It can revive either Mermail Abyssmegalo or Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon! With the ability to bring out Abyssmegalo and Poseidra at will, you’re even more likely to be able to make a Rank 7 or higher Xyz Summon!

If you've got 2 Level 7 WATER monsters, you can use Lemuria to bump them both up to Level 9. Lemuria also counts as Umi, making it fuel for both Levia-Dragon Daedalus and Abyss-strom as well.

If you’re looking to add a new dimension to a classic Deck, look no further: Slushy is the card that Levia-Dragon – Daedalus has always dreamed of! With Slushy, you now have an easy way to bring out Daedalus whenever you’re ready, AND you’ve got a powerful way to lay on the hurt after you’ve cleared the field!

If you’ve ever wanted to use Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus, there has never been a better time. Both Neo- and regular Daedalus are searchable with Atlantean Dragoons, and you can bring out the regular Daedalus with ease thanks to Slushy. Once you’ve wiped your opponent’s hand and field off the face of the Earth, your Slushies will continue to bring out a new Sea Serpent every turn after!

If you somehow haven’t won by the time you’ve used all of your Slushies, you can reuse them with Burial from a Different Dimension or Leviair the Sea Dragon! Burial is especially awesome for making opponents waste a Mystical Space Typhoon. Leviair, on the other hand, is extremely easy to Summon with monsters from Call of the Atlanteans or Abyss-squall, and brings the Slushy right to the field to be used for a Synchro or Tribute Summon before ending up back where it belongs.

Abyss Rising is giving Sea Serpents the help they’ve so long desired! WATER Decks have never been so delicious!

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