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Double Scoop – Madolches from Abyss Rising!

November 13th, 2012

The first serving of Madolche monsters was in Return of the Duelist, led by the esteemed (and adorable) Madolche Puddingcess! Abyss Rising brings even more Madolches to the table, along with the next monster in the hungry hierarchy of Madolche royalty, Madolche Queen Tiaramisu!

Just like the Madolche monsters from Return of the Duelist, the new Madolches will return themselves to the Deck whenever they’re destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, while in your possession, by your opponent’s card (Editor’s note: this includes being destroyed by cards like Solemn Warning and Deck Devastation Virus, please treat the Return of the Duelist Madolche monsters in the same way. More on this in the future.) Thanks to this, you can keep your Graveyard clear of monsters, and reuse all of your monster’s effects. Madolche Magileine is the top pick to reuse from Return of the Duelist, but now there are a few more awesome effects you can get second helpings of!

If dogs chase the mailman, I guess cats invite him over for tea?

Madolche Messengelato is one of these new monsters. When he’s Special Summoned while you control a Beast-type Madolche, you can add 1 Madolche Spell or Trap from your Deck to your hand. Messengelato goes hand in hand with Madolche Mewfeuille, who can Special Summon Messengelato straight from your hand, activating its effect right away. Messengelato can grab Madolche Chateau from the Deck, or even the new cards Madolche Ticket and Madolchepalooza! Since you can search for both of these monsters with Madolche Magileine, it’s easy to get this combo going and search for everything else you need sooner.

Pulling triple duty is tough.

One of the problems that a Madolche Deck faced previously was losing all of their copies of Madolche Chateau, but Madolche Marmalmaide is here to help fix that problem. Marmalmaide is like Messengelato in that she gives you free Madolche Spells or Traps, but she works in a different way from Messengelato. When she’s flipped face-up, you can grab a Madolche Spell or Trap from your Graveyard to your hand. Marmalmaide is a lot more defensive then Messengelato, packing a heavy 2000 DEF (or 2500 with Chateau), and an effect that’ll often trigger when your opponent attacks it while it’s face-down. She’s like a super cute all-in-one Magician of Faith, Mask of Darkness, and Gravekeeper’s Spy!

Known for his Epic Hat Battle against Slushy.

Madolche Cruffssant is a new Level 3 Madolche with 1500 ATK, with plenty of potential to get bigger. Once per turn, it lets you return a Madolche card you control to your hand to boost its ATK by 300 and Level by 1 (that Level boost is important, and we’ll get to that in a bit). Besides returning monsters like Magileine so that you can use them again, you can even return Chateau to your hand. This gives Cruffsant a 300 ATK boost, then you can activate Chateau again and return your Madolches from your Graveyard to the Deck, and power up Cruffsant even more! Plus, this boost is permanent, so you can do this combo every turn to ensure that no Madolches end up in your Graveyard.


There are 2 new Spells and Traps that help out the Madolche theme too. Madolche Ticket is a Continuous Spell that adds a Madolche from your Deck to your hand whenever a Madolche is returned to the hand or Deck. You can grab Madolche Magileine for even more search power, or even the missing piece of your Mewfeuille and Messengelato combo. What do you do once all of those Madolches are in your hand? Follow this simple two-step process:

  1. Activate Madolchepalooza.

When Madolchepalooza is played, you can bring every Madolche in your hand to the party, Special Summoning all of them. But, they’ll be returned to the Deck during the End Phase. Aside from playing 5 monsters practically for free (including possibly even Puddingcess, who usually… oftentimes… sometimes requires a Tribute to Summon), there’s another thing you can do with all of these monsters – Xyz Summon! There’s one brand new Xyz Monster that’s bound to tingle your tastebuds – Madolche Queen Tiaramisu!

A Game of Scones

2 Level 4 “Madolche” monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target up to 2 “Madolche” cards in your Graveyard; shuffle those cards into the Deck, then shuffle cards your opponent controls into the Deck, up to the number of “Madolche” cards returned.

Madolche Queen Tiaramisu will use up 2 Level 4 Madolches for its Summon, which is really easy once you get the ball rolling – you can even use Cruffssant after changing its Level. She’ll start out with 2200 ATK, but that’s easily fixed by Madolche Chateau, turning her into a 2700 ATK powerhouse! Her effect lets you detach 1 Xyz Material to target 2 “Madolche” cards in your Graveyard. Then, you shuffle those into the Deck, and shuffle cards your opponent controls into the Deck too! Also, if you have Chateau on the field, you’ll add any monsters you would have shuffled in to your hand, because they’re being returned to the Deck by a monster effect (your opponent’s cards can still be shuffled into the Deck, even if you return Madolche monsters to your hand).

This makes Tiaramisu insanely dangerous, since if she’s combined with Chateau and Ticket, her effect will let you get 2 free monsters, shuffle 2 opponent’s card of your choice into the Deck (without targeting them), and get you another free monster thanks to Ticket, resulting in a massive change of momentum in your favour!

The Madolche monsters spin the standard rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! on their head – monsters are supposed to stay in the Graveyard, not return to the Deck to be played again and again! Now that Abyss Rising is finally here, you can get all of these cards for yourself and have a Madolchepalooza of your own!