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Show Them Who Rules the Underworld, with Dark Smog!

December 11th, 2012

Duelists!  It has come to my attention that the enemies of my Dark World armies are rallying around their Graveyards, leveraging their fallen in a desperate bid to outwit me.  How foolish is that?  By now all should recognize that none rule the Graveyard like I – Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World!

To punish their impudence and reclaim our rightful place, I have arranged a special treat for my most loyal supporters, to help you combat this ostentatious trespassing.  In Abyss Rising Special Edition, you may find a Super Rare Dark Smog – the perfect weapon in our war for dominance over the Graveyard!

Am I not generous?

New Dark Smog Lite, half the calories ALL OF THE DESTRUCTION!

As the devoted amongst you may remember, much of Dark Smog’s power lies in its status as a Continuous Trap Card.  It can be flipped any time, and its effect can be used once every turn – on your turn or your opponent’s.  With the power of Dark Smog we can pluck the most precious monster from any foe’s Graveyard, over and over until nothing is left!  The clever amongst you may even outwit your foes by activating Dark Smog in the End Phase of their own turn, unleashing the abilities of the most powerful amongst our ranks when your opponent is least prepared…

Where is Broww? He's missing the party!

Since Dark Smog discards a Fiend-Type monster as part of its effect, it lets the strongest of us show our true colors!  Discard Broww, Huntsman of Dark World to draw a card.  Send Snoww, Unlight of Dark World to search our arsenal for precisely what you need.  Or delicately ask me to take a brief trip to the underworld, from whence I will destroy your opponent’s monster or rend a Spell or Trap Card, all before re-emerging with my Special Summon!

Of course, my talents and those of my allies are just one piece of the smoggy puzzle.  The main goal is to devastate any opponent who would dare to mock us by mimicking our use of the Graveyard for their own despicable, pathetic gain!  Here are some examples of the piteous shenanigans to which I refer…

You thought you could defeat ME with these monsters? A funny joke, mortal.

They bring bugs against us?!  Could they be serious?!  Dragonflies and ladybugs are the “elite soldiers” of the Inzektor forces – pah!  I would laugh if my fearsome throat wasn’t so choked with the ichor of my own disgust.  Inzektor Duelists depend on Inzektor Hornet, pulling its tiny body from the Graveyard over and over and wearing it around the battlefield like an old pair of pants rescued from a trash heap!  Do yourself a favor: the moment Hornet hits the Graveyard, simply send one of my underlings to the Graveyard and banish it.  And don’t forget: one can also Chain Dark Smog’s effect to engulf the target of Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber’s effect if the monster carrying it is destroyed outside of battle.

Monsters like Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord and Master Hyperion are fickle, lazy beasts who must be bargained with in order to buy their loyalty!  Where is their honor?  In order to keep such traitorous twits out of the fight, use Dark Smog to strip your adversary’s Graveyard of their precious WATER and “Agent” monsters.  Without sufficient offerings, your rivals will find themselves abandoned by their strongest confederates.  How tragic… for them!!

Should’ve stuck with the winning team…

Do not bring this weak stuff to MY domain!

Most Duelists use a number of simple Spells and Traps that require their Graveyard to remain intact.  Monster Reborn and Call of the Haunted have never been more popular, allowing all Duelists to rescue their fallen heroes.  But both of those effects target at activation: Chain Dark Smog, and together we can eliminate the monster that would be Special Summoned!  Your opponent will receive nothing in return, while we will claim a valuable Dark World effect.

And Pot of Avarice?!  What a funny little jug you have there, mortal!  Sure would be a shame if I were to DISPATCH ONE OF MY MINIONS TO STEAL AWAY JUST ONE OF YOUR FIVE TARGETS, SHATTERING YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS INTO COUNTLESS SHARDS OF CROCKERY!

Dark Smog is one of our most powerful ploys, pressuring the opponent constantly or Chaining to outwit them once and for all!  What are you waiting for?  Go forth, find your Dark Smog in an Abyss Rising Special Edition, and join me!  Together we will teach them who rules the Graveyard!

(Note from the editor: Dark Smog is one of two possible Super Rare cards you might get in each Abyss Rising Special Edition. The other is Gagaga Girl.)

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