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Cosmo Blazer: A Sneak, Sneak Preview

January 11th, 2013

FIRE Decks are notorious for their ability to deal damage to the opponent directly through card effects, without even bothering to attack. Cosmo Blazer adds 2 important new tools for Decks like this: Bonfire Colossus and Kickfire.

Kickfire is a Continuous Trap that gains counters when your FIRE monsters are destroyed by card effects. Then you can send Kickfire to the Graveyard to do 1000 damage for each counter it has.

Ah… but what if your opponent tries to get around Kickfire by refusing to destroy your monsters with card effects? Not to worry! Special Summon Bonfire Colossus and use it to destroy your own monsters. This might seem a little reckless at first, but you can put Bonfire Colossus’ hungering flames to good use by building counters on Kickfire.

This combo works even better mixed with the “Fire King” monsters from the Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck (coming February 8). “Fire Kings” activate additional effects when destroyed by card effects, so you’ll get those effects, and get counters on Kickfire, and have Bonfire Colossus on the field!

Shhh... you musn't tell!