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Cosmo Blazer: They Came From the Deep!

January 16th, 2013

So you’ve built your Mermail Deck, and Mermail Abyssmegalo has been wreaking havoc for you week after week. But, there’s a problem. Abyssmegalo isn’t just an eating machine, he’s a social being who wants some friends like him. He doesn’t like being the only mermonster in all the ocean! Well, it’s time to introduce him to some new friends in Cosmo Blazer!

I've retaken the leed!

In order to do battle with the fiery forces of Cosmo Blazer, you’re going need a little more muscle, and Mermail Abyssleed is just that. With 2700 ATK, Abyssleed is now the biggest Mermail you can include in your Main Deck! Abyssleed has three effects, just like Abyssmegalo, and they work similarly.

-You can Special Summon Abyssleed from your hand by discarding three WATER monsters. Just like with Abyssmegalo, you pull this off with ease thanks to Salvage, and it lets you set off the effects of your Atlantean monsters and Mermails like Mermail Abyssgunde.

-If you Special Summon Abyssleed with its effect, you can add any “Abyss-“ Spell or Trap from your Graveyard to your hand. This lets you play 1 or 2 of a number of different “Abyss-“ cards instead of just 3 copies of 1 or 2 different cards because Abyssleed can recycle them if you need more than 1 or 2. You can even have Abyssmegalo search out what you want from your Deck, then Abyssleed will let you use it again!

-Once per turn, you can Tribute another Attack Position Mermail to strip your opponent of one random card from their hand. This is a fantastic way to really hit your opponent hard, since cards in the hand are usually considered safe from harm. It’s also worth noting that Abyssleed does not actually “discard” the card, so you don’t have to worry about Grapha and his Dark World army ruining your day!

Abyssleed still works with all the combos you know and love using with Abyssmegalo, too. You can get it from the Deck with Abyss-sphere and Mermail Abysslinde, and you’re still able to search it out with Atlantean Dragoons. While Abyssleed will definitely make a huge impact when it hits the field, maybe you’re looking for something else. You want more than brawn, you want brains. If that’s interests you, then you’ll appreciate the World Premiere mermonster, Mermail Abyssteus!

I am not a turtle :(

What Abyssteus lacks in power, it makes up for in added consistency. Like the other mermonsters, you can Special Summon Abyssteus from your hand. Abyssteus is unique though, because it only requires a single WATER monster to discard.

When you Special Summon Abyssteus with its effect, you can search your Deck for any Level 4 or lower Mermail and put it in your hand, instantly replacing the WATER monster you discarded in the first place. This lets Abyssteus work like a bigger and better Mermail Abysspike, and you can even get Abysspike with Abyssteus’s effect! Watch out though, Abyssteus is an Aqua-Type monster, not a Sea Serpent, so you can’t just play 1 copy and rely on Atlantean Dragoons to fetch it for you.

With even more mermonsters joining their ranks, the Mermails are set to go toe to toe with their fiery foes! You’ll be able to get your hands on these Mermonsters, and the rest of the new Mermails, on January 19th/20th at a Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek near you!

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