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Cosmo Blazer: Hail to the King

January 16th, 2013

On Monday, most of you met Noble Knight Medraut. If you haven’t, then you really need to read about him here. You’ll need to understand how he works in order to get the most out of the other 2 new Noble cards in Cosmo Blazer! In addition to Medraut, the King himself and his blade make an appearance:  Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights and his Noble Arms – Caliburn!

Not to be confused with that other sword.

Noble Arms – Caliburn is an Equip Spell Card that, like all other Noble Arms, can be equipped to any Warrior-Type monster. While it’s equipped to a monster, the monster gains 500 ATK. In addition, once per turn you can activate its effect and gain 500 Life Points. Caliburn also has the same ability as the other Noble Arms cards, allowing you to re-equip it to a “Noble Knight” monster after it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Caliburn is great at pushing your Noble Knights over the usual 2000 ATK limit for Level 4 monsters, allowing them to outclass lesser fighters. The effect to gain Life Points is also powerful, letting you outlast your enemy’s best combos while you put together your own.

Noble Arms – Caliburn also works really well with Noble Knight Medraut. Think about the Medraut combo from last time. You can do the same thing with Caliburn, except this time your opponent can’t stop you from benefiting from the sword by playing everything face-up. As always, however, the Equip Spells are lost after you Xyz Summon… unless, you Xyz Summon Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights!

"I don't NEED any Xyz Materials... to know how to ROCK!"

When Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights is Xyz Summoned, you can equip him with up to 3 “Noble Arms” Equip Spells with different names from your Graveyard. This means that you can grab back the Equip Card that was equipped to your other Noble Knight after doing a Medraut combo, and any other Noble Arms you used earlier in the Duel.

So right now, with just these 3 Noble Arms, Artorigus can gain the 1000 ATK of Noble Arms – Gallatin, the destructive power of Noble Arms – Arfeudutyr, and the life giving, ATK boosting energy of Noble Arms – Caliburn. Getting all three means Artorigus will be a 3500 ATK colossus! The King of the Noble Knights also has an effect that makes him deserving of his status as King, allowing him to destroy Spells/Traps on the field up to the number of Noble Arms you control for the cost of one Xyz Material! This effect doesn’t target the cards, so your opponent won’t know whether or not to Chain to get something out of cards likely to be destroyed or leave them Set as bluffs to protect their most important cards. And most importantly for you, they can’t Chain Starlight Road or The Huge Revolution is Over to stop it, since only you know how many cards will be destroyed and you don’t have to tell until the effect resolves.

The Noble Knights have slowly been growing their ranks over the last year, and now they’re truly ready to take to the battlefield! You can swear your loyalty to the king starting at Cosmo Blazezr Sneak Peeks, January 19th and 20th! Also, while supplies last, everyone who enters the Sneak Peek will receive an Ultra Rare Noble Arms – Caliburn card!

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