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Madolche Magileine – Not Just For Dessert!

January 30th, 2013

Madolche Magileine is one of the marquee cards from Return of the Duelist, and one of the biggest stars of the Madolche strategy!  But her effect makes her more than just a sweetie-pie in Madolche Decks.  When you Normal Summon or Flip Summon her you can search your Deck for another Madolche monster, even another Magileine.  If you can protect your first Magileine for one turn, Summoning the second makes for an easy Rank 4 Xyz Summon.  When your opponent destroys Magileine, you shuffle her back into your Deck.  So you can keep Summoning Magileine over and over to soak up damage while you gather the pieces of your strategy.

Since Magileine is a Level 4 Spellcaster-Type with the EARTH Attribute, she happens to slip into a number of strategies you might not suspect. Here are some ways she can add a  little sweetness to some drastically different Decks.


Anything that plays Ultimate Offering can make some killer combos with Madolche Magileine.  Since Offering lets you pay Life Points to make more Normal Summons, and Magileine gets you another copy of herself when she’s Summoned that way, you can quickly play three Magileines to the field all in one turn.  That means easy access to Rank 4 Xyz Monsters that require three Materials, like Number 16: Shock Master or Vylon Disigma.  Usually those monsters are tough to Summon, because it’s hard giving up three monsters.  But with Magileine you’re really only losing that first one from your hand: the remaining two copies are free.  Decks like Gadgets already use Ultimate Offering that way, but Magileine has higher ATK than Yellow Gadget and Red Gadget.


Since Madolche Magileine is an EARTH monster, it works really well in Psychic strategies that aim to Synchro Summon Naturia Barkion and Naturia Landoise.  The Naturia Synchro Monsters require EARTH Attribute Synchro Materials so Magileine is perfect: since your first Magileine politely replaces herself with another, you basically trade your Tuner for a powerful Synchro Monster.  Good deal.

Psychic decks use lots of Tuners like Psychic Jumper and Psychic Commander, but if you Tune Madolche Magileine with Esper Girl you can activate Esper Girl’s ability and add a card to your hand.  That pairing Synchro Summons Naturia Barkion, which is really cool because the entire combo gets under Bottomless Trap Hole.  Magileine only has 1400 ATK, so Bottomless can’t destroy her.  Once Barkion hits the field it can negate Trap Cards, so Bottomless won’t stop you there either.


Magical Dimension is one of the slickest cards for Spellcasters. It lets you Tribute one of your Spellcasters to Special Summon another from your hand, and then gives you the option of destroying 1 opposing monster on the field.  Normally you and your opponent both lose a monster – you Tribute yours and destroy theirs – and then you lose your Spell Card.  It’s best used when your back is to the wall, because even though you can put a big monster like High Priestess of Prophecy into play, you’re down a monster and a Spell.  Because she replaces herself beforehand, Magileine turns Magical Dimension into a card you can play without worry at any time.

Remember that even once Magileine is in the Graveyard she’s still useful to a Prophecy Duelist!  In order to activate Spellbook of Life, you need to banish a Spellcaster from your Graveyard.  Magileine sets that up and still leaves you with a monster in hand.  The Grand Spellbook Tower lets you draw an extra card every turn by shuffling back a “Spellbook” Spell from your Graveyard, but it only works if you have a Spellcaster on the field or in the Graveyard.  Magileine fills that need. Spellbook of the Master requires a Spellcaster on the field to be used at all, and if you don’t have access to Spellbook Magician of Prophecy or Fool of Prophecy at the time, you can’t really go wrong with Magileine.

With an awesome effect and a great combination of Level, Attribute, and Type, Madolche Magileine is more than just a delicious treat for Madolche Duelists.  She fits into all sorts of strategies, and she can be a big difference-maker in Decks that make lots of Xyz Summons, Synchro Summons, or Tributes.  Think about the Decks you play, and ask yourself if Madolche Magileine could be making your life a little sweeter!