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Assemble the Noble Knights!

January 31st, 2013

Cosmo Blazer is on shelves, and Duelists everywhere are doing their best to build new Decks with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fists, Hazy Flame monsters, and of course, the Noble Knights! If you haven’t read up on the new Knights, Noble Knight Medraut and Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights, I highly recommend you do so before you read any further.

Miss me?

No matter what kind of Noble Knight strategy you choose, Noble Knight Medraut will be the workhorse for all of them. The ability to Special Summon any Noble Knight from your Deck, and reassign a Noble Arm for free is too good to pass up. Basically, he lets you Xyz Summon Rank 4 or 5 monsters at will, including Warrior-specific Xyz Monsters. Now that’s something worth building a Deck around!

Using cards like The Warrior Returning Alive and Call of the Haunted to reuse Medraut (and other monsters) is a great strategy. If you want to branch off and use some Heroic Challenger cards as well, since they’re basically noble and kind of knights, you can keep using Heroic Challenger – Double Lance to keep the Warrior Xyz Monsters coming! But if you want to stay on-theme, Noble Knight Joan (“Noble Knight” is her profession, not her affiliation, but she still counts!) can bring your Warriors back to your hand as well.

You need these too!

Reinforcement of the Army is great card in any Warrior based Deck, grabbing Medraut right to your hand as soon as you need him. Getting easy access to Noble Knight Medraut is vital in this strategy, and while you can still do well without him he streamlines your strategy and makes it much easier to keep up the pressure.

Rescue Rabbit can even find a home in Noble Knight Decks, allowing you to Summon 2 Noble Knight Artorigus straight from your Deck and use them for an Xyz Summon. It even sets you up nicely to Summon triple-material Xyz Monsters like Heroic Champion – Kusanagi, since you can Special Summon Noble Knight Gawayn from your hand if you control a LIGHT Normal Monster.

The pointy little teeth are so cute!
If Normal Monsters aren’t your thing, then you can still do well just using Noble Knight Medraut. Medraut can make both Rank 4’s and 5’s easily, and you can even choose which one you want to make when you use him. Your Warrior-exclusive Xyz Monsters are Blade Armor Ninja, the Heroic Champions Excalibur, Gandiva, and Kusanagi, and Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights. Combining Noble Arms – Gallatin with any of these guys is insane, and will make them almost impossible to defeat in battle. It’s especially good with Blade Armor Ninja which turns into a 3200 ATK double attacker!

Artorigus, King of the Honorary Noble Knights

Since Gandiva and Kusanagi are great at keeping your opponent’s best cards at bay, equipping them with Gallatin can help make sure that they stay on the field for longer too. And of course, Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights is the go-to guy for when you want to wield improbable numbers of blades and take care of pesky Spells and Traps, especially Continuous ones. You even have instant access to old favorites, like Number 39: Utopia, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis! Noble Knight Medraut lets you Summon any of these Xyz Monsters and more, and even without an Equip Spell you can still make Xyz plays using Noble Knight Gawayn, or trade him in for Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn. Medraut is a fantastic card, and it brings the entire Noble Knight strategy together by letting you Summon an Xyz Monster for any situation.

But what if you want a little boss-Level power that doesn’t come from the Extra Deck? You can do that too. Except for Laundsallyn, each of the other Noble Knights is a LIGHT Warrior monster. And there are 5 of them. Guess which monster can be Summoned for free if you have at least 5 different LIGHT monsters in your Graveyard and banishes Warriors from your Graveyard to negate Spells and Traps.

This guy.

This guy.

The Noble Knights have bolstered their ranks greatly, and are now a true force to be reckoned with! Try building your own Noble Knight Deck. They’re a lot of fun to play with, and pretty darn good as well!

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