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Colossal Meltdown

February 8th, 2013

Most Duelists go to great lengths to keep their cards from being destroyed. Little do they know, destruction can be a good thing! If you’re looking to blow up your own stuff to set some nefarious scheme in motion, check out Bonfire Colossus!

"Hi, I'm Bonfire Colossus. I like puppies, running marathons, and burning my surroudings to ashes."

Bonfire Colossus is huge Beast-Warrior monster, packing 2600 ATK, and you can Special Summon it from your hand any time you control a FIRE monster. Its effect is simple and effective at what it does: Whenever Bonfire Colossus is Special Summoned, destroy 2 FIRE monsters you control.

If you read about the Fire Kings yesterday, you can see where this is going! Whenever a Fire King monster is destroyed, it activates its effect. Fire King High Avatar Garunix will return to the field to wipe out all other monsters, while Fire King Avatar Barong and Fire King Avatar Kirin put cards from your Deck into your hand or Graveyard, respectively.

Being able to force your own Fire King effects to activate instead of relying on your opponent lets you make some big surprise plays. Opponents will rarely use a card like Mirror Force against a Fire King unless they’re prepared to respond to its effect. For example, they won’t want to destroy your Garunix until they have Solemn Warning to keep it in the Graveyard. With Bonfire Colossus, you can surprise your opponent by destroying your own Garunix, then clearing away the field they were trying to build up!

Even if you end up destroying Bonfire Colossus with its own effect, that’s often enough to get some Fire King effects going and overwhelm your opponent. Plus, you can always revive Bonfire Colossus later with a card like Circle of the Fire Kings or Call of the Haunted to destroy even more cards, and create some massive combos!

There are some other cool cards to use with Bonfire Colossus besides the Fire Kings. Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is a lot like the Garunix, and will destroy all Spells and Traps when it rises from the ashes. Nephthys is a great card in a Fire King Deck, since it combos so well with Garunix, Circle of the Fire Kings, and Onslaught of the Fire Kings. Bonfire Colossus will give you even more ways to trigger Nephthys’s effect and leave your opponent defenseless.


For a way to really blast your opponent, check out the Continuous Trap Card, Kickfire! Once per turn, when your FIRE monster(s) is destroyed by an effect, you add a counter to Kickfire for each destroyed monster. Then, during any Standby Phase, you can send Kickfire to the Graveyard to shoot 1000 damage directly at your opponent for each counter that was on it! Kickfire is capable of racking up damage very quickly, and since Bonfire Colossus destroys 2 monsters at once, you’ll add 2000 damage to Kickfire with your Colossus alone!

The Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but you can pick up Bonfire Colossus and Kickfire (from Cosmo Blazer) right now. Get ‘em before your friends know what they’re in for!