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The Fool’s Fate

February 12th, 2013

Prophecy and Spellcaster fans get three new cards from Cosmo Blazer, taking the Prophecy strategy in an entirely new direction!  Check out one of  the newest additions to the Prophecy clan…


As a Level 3 monster, you can search Fool of Prophecy with Stoic of Prophecy.  The Fool’s 1600 attack points matches Justice of Prophecy, reaching a beefy 2600 ATK with Spellbook of Power.

The Fool draws comparisons to Temperance of Prophecy, since both can be Tributed to Special Summon a high-Level Spellcaster from your Deck.  Temperance doesn’t care about what’s in your Graveyard: so long as you activated a Spellbook this turn, you can use Temperance’s ability to Summon a LIGHT or DARK monster.  The Fool’s effect is different: it needs five different “Spellbook” Spells in your Graveyard, and it can only Special Summon a DARK Spellcaster.  But Temperance restricts your Special Summons for the rest of the turn, while Fool lets you keep Special Summoning, which is relevant even in the End Phase for a Prophecy Deck.  It also has another effect that helps you fill your Graveyard for cards like these:


In order to activate the many effects of Spellbook of Fate you need to banish Spellbooks from your Graveyard. High Priestess of Prophecy also likes to banish spent Spellbooks to pay for her effect.  The Grand Spellbook Tower lets you draw an extra card every turn, too, in return for sending a “Spellbook” Spell from your Graveyard to the bottom of your Deck.  The more Spellbooks in your Graveyard, the easier it is to use those cards, and Fool of Prophecy really loads up the reading material.

Once you’ve got enough Spellbooks in your Graveyard you can Tribute the Fool to Special Summon DARK Spellcasters…


You can Special Summon Prophecy Destroyer with Fool’s effect, and if Destroyer winds up in the Graveyard you can banish three of the Spellbooks you stocked with Fool to return Destroyer to the field.  Load one more Spellbook and you can Special Summon Destroyer a total of three times.You can even use the Fool to Special Summon the original Spellcaster powerhouse, Dark Magician!

But why settle for one monster when you can have two instead? You need 5 different Spellbooks to use Fool’s effect, so you can Summon Reaper of Prophecy with it and claim all of Reaper’s effects, including the Special Summon of another high-Level DARK Spellcaster! With this player, you get a 2600 ATK Reaper and the 2500 ATK Prophecy Destroyer, along with a Spellbook from your Deck.

Also, note that Fool of Prophecy lets you choose the “Spellbook” Spell you send to the Graveyard, making it a great combo with the newest addition to the Spellbook library.



You can activate Spellbook of the Master when you control a Spellcaster-Type monster.  Reveal a “Spellbook” card from your hand – even Spellbook Magician of Prophecy – and then target a “Spellbook” Normal Spell in your Graveyard.  Master copies that Spellbook’s effect, so there are three big ways to use it:

-You can combo Master with Fool to get to Spellbooks you haven’t drawn yet.

-Cards like Spellbook of Secrets and Spellbook of Power are really good, but you can only play one a turn.  By mimicking Secrets or Power with Spellbook of the Master, you can use those effects twice.

Spellbook of the Master helps you fill your Graveyard with Spellbooks.  If you have Spellbook of Secrets in hand, you can use it to search Master.  That’s one Spellbook in your Graveyard.  Play Master to copy Secrets, and you can search out a third Spellbook.  Activate that, and you can load up to three Spellbooks in one turn.  And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, drop Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere in the Graveyard and copy its effect (but not its conditions!) for a chance to pick up two more Spellbooks!

The main challenge with the Fool is its requirement of differently-named Spellbooks to use its effect.  Switch things up by searching different cards with Spellbook of Secrets each time to overcome that.  If there are Spellbooks you only play one copy of, use Fool’s effect to make one of those your last Spellbook of the five you need.

Both of these new cards help you load your Graveyard, and both reward you for doing so.  You can even build an entire Deck around Fool and Reaper if you want! It’s pretty fun, and can dish out some seriously devastating combos, so give it a try if you get the chance.

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