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Don’t Overlook These Cards! Cosmo Blazer Edition (3)

April 8th, 2013

One more time!  Today we’re going to look at three more underrated cards from Cosmo Blazer that might have slipped past you, and we’ll talk about how they can power up Decks you might already be running.  We’ll start with a card you may know already…


If you’ve taken a look at the new Hazy Flame monsters, you probably noticed Hazy Flame Cerbereus.  With 2000 ATK, an ability that lets you Normal Summon it without Tributing, and a search effect that gets you to whatever “Hazy Flame” card you need most when its destroyed, you might think Cerbereus doesn’t belong on a list of sleeper cards.

And you’d be right!  Kind of.  See, Hazy Flame Cerbereus is a well known card in Hazy Flame Decks.  But that’s not the only place you can run it.  It’s also good anywhere you need a monster that can replace itself after being destroyed – after all, your first Cerbereus can search another one.  It’s great with Skill Drain, too.  When Drain is face-up, you can Normal Summon Cerbereus without Tributing and Drain will negate the effect that would reduce its ATK.  You just drop a 2000 ATK monster on the field, and when your opponent destroys it you get another one for free.

As a Beast-Type monster it even works with Horn of the Phantom Beast, and all this adds up to one big strategy that gets a boost from Cerbereus: Tech Genus Skill Drain.  That Deck used to win Championships, combining “T.G.” monsters and Photon Sabre Tiger to get lots of free monsters.  In new versions of that Deck, Cerbereus takes over for Sabre Tiger, since Skill Drain doesn’t get in the way of Cerbereus’ search effect (it stops Sabre Tiger’s search, because Sabre Tiger’s effect triggers when it’s on the field).  It’s a subtle difference, but it makes the Deck much more dangerous.


Pot of Greed is Forbidden for a reason: drawing extra cards for free gives you more options than your opponent, and makes it way easier to win.  But for certain strategies, The Big Cattle Drive does just that.  You can activate it when you control a Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast-Type monster.  Then when Cattle Drive resolves, you draw a card for each of those Monster Types you control.

That means if you play a deck that runs at least two of those Types, you should give The Big Cattle Drive a try.  It works best in decks that already have plays that happen to put the right monsters on the field.  For instance, if you control a Beast and you Normal Summon a Beast-Warrior just to get an extra card with Cattle Drive, that’s fine.  But it’s not ideal.  You want to play it in decks where the plays and combos you’d make happen to create the right conditions as a side effect of your main goals.

For instance, if you play a FIRE deck with Flamvell Firedog, Firedog’s effect can set things up with no extra effort.  Firedog’s a Beast, and its effect can Summon Beast-Warriors like Fire King Avatar Barong.  Make an attack with Beast, Summon Barong for another attack, and then draw two cards with Cattle Drive in Main Phase 2.

Scrap Duelists have it even easier.  Normal Summon the Beast-Type Scrap Chimera and you can Special Summon the Beast-Warrior Scrap Goblin from your Graveyard, for free.  Activate Cattle Drive to draw two and then Tune Chimer and Goblin to Synchro Summon Scrap Archfiend.  That’s a play you might make even if you weren’t running Cattle Drive, so adding it to the Deck just makes that play even better.


Gogogo Ghost is a powerful 1900 ATK Level 4, but its real strength lies in its effect.  Whenever Gogogo Ghost is Special Summoned, you can Special Summon a Gogogo Golem from your Graveyard in Defense Position.  Since both are Level 4’s, you can instantly make a Rank 4 Xyz.

That might sound simple, but Gogogo Ghost offers countless combos!  You can Special Summon it by Normal Summoning Gogogo Giant, putting three monsters on the field.  That lets you Xyz Summon Number 16: Shock Master, Vylon Disigma, or Number 32: Shark Drake for playing just one card from your hand..

But Gogogo Ghost is also a Zombie, which means there are tons of ways to Special Summon it.  Book of Life and Zombie Master will each let you Special Summon the Ghost from your Graveyard, in return for one card from your hand.  Mezuki can Special Summon it for free.  And if you can keep the Gemini Monster Il Blud on the field with its effect turned on, it can Special Summon Gogogo Ghost for free every turn!  With cards like Pyramid Turtle and Blue-Blooded Oni in the mix, Gogogo Ghost makes for really aggressive Xyz strategies.

Cosmo Blazer is one of the best sets of all time.  It’s so packed with potential that a lot of cards have slipped through the cracks, and we’ve only talked about a few of them.  Take a look at everything you’ve collected from the newest set and pay careful attention to what they might do for your Decks.

Genius innovations could be just one card away.