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Hidden Arsenal 7 Preview: Constellar Xyz Monsters

April 16th, 2013

Yesterday, we introduced the Evilswarm Xyz Monsters from Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars. This time, we’ll be having a look at the Constellar Xyz Monsters and ways to Xyz Summon them.

In Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars, there are 4 Constellar Xyz Monsters – one for each Rank from 3 to 6. As Constellar Decks can easily search and Summon the right monsters for the job, Xyz Summoning a particular monster is never too difficult. Thanks to the searching effects and the drawing power of Constellar Star Chart, your Xyz Summons can sometimes be completely free, or even give you additional cards by Xyz Summoning! On top of your Constellar search effects, you have Reinforcement of the Army to grab Constellar Pollux, and Fire Formation – Tenki to search for Constellar Kaus to set up your combos even more consistently. Since your goal is to throw as many Xyz Monsters at your opponent as possible, the more you can Summon, the better off you’ll end up. Hyades

The Rank 3 Constellar Hyades requires 2 Level 3 LIGHT monsters. It has a reasonable 1900 ATK, allowing you to take care of almost any low-Level threats. In addition, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from it to change all of your opponent’s monsters to face-up Defense Position. While a lot of monsters have more than 1900 ATK, they don’t often have more than 1900 DEF, and Hyades allows you to take care of those monsters without a hitch.


Constellar Praesepe requires 2 Level 4 “Constellar” monsters to be Xyz Summoned. You can detach 1 Xyz Material from Paresepe when a ”Constellar” monster is attacking or being attacked, in order to give it 1000 ATK for the turn. Praesepe is useful because it provides an attack boost during the Damage Step, where it’s difficult for your opponent to respond. It’s great for getting in some extra damage during a direct attack, or out-muscling particularly big monsters.

Constellar Praesepe can be Summoned fairly easily. You have Constellar Algiedi to Special Summon a second monster, or Constellar Pollux to Normal Summon a second monster. You could even use Constellar Leonis along with Constellar Kaus’ Level-changing effect to make Leonis a Level 4 monster.


Constellar Pleiades can be Xyz Summoned with 2 Level 5 LIGHT monsters. Pleiades has 2500 ATK and a stellar effect, allowing you to detach 1 Xyz Material during either player’s turn, to return a target card from the field to the hand. Pleiades has an amazing effect, since its effect can be used on any card on the field at any time you want. You can return opponent’s Extra Deck monsters to the Extra Deck, return scary face-down Traps to the hand in order to attack freely, or even do crazy stuff like this:

· Assemble 2 Level 5 LIGHT monsters on the field. Your options include:

Constellar Virgo and Constellar Zubeneschamali
Constellar Siat or Constellar Pollux, followed by Constellar Kaus
You could even use other LIGHT monsters, like Cyber Dragon, Ghost Ship, or even Instant Fusion with Musician King!

· Activate Constellar Star Chart

· Xyz Summon Constellar Pleiades, drawing 1 card from Star Chart. Activate Pleiades’ effect, returning Star Chart back to your hand

· Reactivate Constellar Star Chart

· Then, using Constellar Pleiades as Xyz Material, Xyz Summon Constellar Ptomely M7 and draw another card!

“Wait a minute, that combo sounds ridiculous!” You may be thinking. But it’s true – you canS a really big, tough monster and draw 2 cards just for doing it! Here’s how Constellar Ptolemy M7 works.


Constellar Ptolemy M7 normally requires any 2 Level 6 monsters to be Xyz Summoned. Alternatively, you can Xyz Summon it in the way I described previously: by Xyz Summoning it using any “Constellar” Xyz Monster as the Xyz Material. It works just like Number C39: Utopia Ray. Not only does this give your Constellar Xyz Monsters even more utility, but you can use combos like the one above to do a cool move, and then Xyz Summon Ptolemy with its tough 2700 ATK.

Ptolemy M7 also has an ability of its own – Once per turn you can detach one Xyz Material from it to return 1 target monster from the field or Graveyard to its owner’s hand. The only catch is that you can’t use this ability on the turn you use his “special” Xyz Summon to bring him out

The Constellar Xyz Monsters have really powerful abilities, and all of them (except for Constellar Praesepe) can support other LIGHT-based strategies. With the Constellar Main Deck’s searching and rapid summoning capabilities combined with the Constellar Extra Deck’s power and flexibility, any opponent not ready for the Constellars will be seeing stars by the time the Duel’s over! Get ready for Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars on April 26, because it’s going to make a big impact when it lands!< >< >< ><–>

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