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LTGY Preview: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Coyote

April 25th, 2013

In Native American legend the mythical figure of Coyote is one part creator and one part trickster. Often relying on his wits and the element of surprise to overcome challenges, Coyote’s popularity is owed in part to his unpredictable nature.

In Dueling, the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist is more on the predictable side of things. They rely on Normal Summons and simple, powerful effects to grind the opposition  down. While Fire Formation – Tenki is an awesome search card, it also reveals your next move, and it’s difficult to make unexpected plays your opponent won’t see coming. Fire Formation – Tensu and Forbidden Lance are top picks precisely because they beat your opponent’s expectations.

But the spirit of the trickster is alive and well in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy! Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Coyote is an all-new World Premiere card, never seen before, and it’s all about the surprise factor!


If you control a “Fire Formation” Spell/Trap Card, and no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).

Cards like Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla have earned the Fire Fist theme a reputation for small monsters with killer effects. Fire Fists as we know them make a big impact with destruction abilities, then peck away at the opponent with small attacks. If your opponent had Bottomless Trap Hole, more often than not you make your Summon, lose your monster, and have to wait until next turn to try again.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Coyote changes that. With 2000 ATK, it’s stronger than any other Fire Fist monster in your Main Deck, and you don’t have to Normal Summon it. Since you can Special Summon Coyote any time you control a Fire Formation, you can play through stuff like Bottomless or draw out Torrential Tribute before Normal Summoning a Fire Fist with a powerful effect. Before, you would have had to use Fire Formation – Tensu to play through your opponent’s removal. Now, all you have to do is drop Coyote to the field to take down all sorts of troublemakers.


Here are three monsters that are popular against Fire Fists. Thunder King Rai-Oh is bigger than Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla, and it stops you from searching with Fire Formation – Tenki. Reborn Tengu has 100 ATK more than Bear and Gorilla, and it gains ATK from Fire Formations, so it’s really popular in the mirror match. Even if you destroy it, your opponent can just Summon another one. Finally, Snowman Eater has 1900 DEF; too much for most Fire Fists to attack through. If you run into it you’ll lose your Fire Fist to its Flip Effect, and your opponent can use the Snowman as a Level 3 Xyz Material later.

But none of these cards are big enough to survive Coyote. Your opponent will have to ditch Thunder King to negate your Special Summon; you’ll swing through Reborn Tengu, forcing another to the field; and Snowman Eater will have to trade off in battle.


There are only two Level 5 Fire Fists right now: Coyote, and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Swallow. Both monsters have Special Summon abilities, but to Summon Swallow you have to give up three Fire Formations from the field. Coyote’s way easier. Since you can drop Coyote to the field any time, it’s really easy to use as a Synchro or Xyz Material. You can Tune it to a Level 3 Tuner to make a Level 8 like Stardust Dragon or Scrap Dragon. Or, you could play Instant Fusion to Special Summon a Level 5 Fusion Monster, then Xyz Summon Tiras, Keeper of Genesis or Number 61: Volcasaurus. Both monsters have powerful removal effects that build on the Fire Fist theme of destroying cards.

Coyote is especially good alongside yesterday’s Fire Formation – Gyokkou. Unlike Cyber Dragon, your opponent doesn’t have to have a monster before you can Summon Coyote. You can lock down their Spell or Trap Card with Gyokkou, then Special Summon Coyote for an uncontested attack!

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Coyote is all about surprising your opponent. It answers some of the biggest threats to the Deck with its 2000 ATK, and it takes the strategy in some interesting new directions since it’s one of few Level 5’s in the Fire Fist strategy. Coyote might be just what Fire Fist Duelists need to score some upsets in their Duels.