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Advanced Search Tips

May 1st, 2013

Sometimes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, you’ll run across complicated cards and situations that require some very specific Types, Attributes, Levels, ATK, and/or DEF to line up. It can be a challenge to find something to help you in those situations, but by using the Card Database, now you can easily zero in on extremely specific search results with ease.

Finding ranges of ATK, DEF, Levels, and Ranks

First, try using the Level/Rank, ATK, and DEF boxes. You’ll see that they each have an up-arrow and a down-arrow. If you put a value into the up-arrow box, you’ll only get results that are equal to or greater than your value. Put something in the down-arrow box and your results will be equal to or less than your value.

By using the two arrow boxes together, you can also get very exact results. If you want a monster that is exactly Level 4, put 4 into both the up- and down-arrow boxes. For monsters with exactly 200 DEF, put 200 into both DEF boxes.

Specifically speaking…

Some cards have great effects, but only work with very specific kinds of cards. Take Thunder Sea Horse from Abyss Rising. It can add two cards from your Deck to your hand with the same name as each other – a very powerful effect. The catch is that Thunder Sea Horse can only search out monsters that are exactly Level 4, LIGHT, Thunder-type, and have 1600 or less ATK. You probably can only think of a couple cards like that from your memory, but the Card Database makes it a simple task to find what you need.

-Type 4 into both boxes for Level/Rank. That will bring up only monsters that are exactly Level 4.

-Type 1600 into the down-arrow box for ATK. You’ll find any monsters with 1600 or less ATK.

-Click LIGHT for Attribute, and Thunder for Type.

Clicking the search button will reveal that there are currently 13 monsters to use with Thunder Sea Horse.

Give it a try!

Let’s see if you’re getting the hang of it yet. Pretend you’re building a new Zombie Deck. You want to find monsters that can be Special Summoned with Zombie Master, Pyramid Turtle and Mystic Tomato. You only want to look at Effect Monsters or Tuner Monsters – no Normal Monsters, and nothing kept in the Extra Deck.

Zombie Master Special Summons Level 4 or less Zombie-types.

Pyramid Turtle Special Summons Zombie-types with 2000 or less DEF.

Mystic Tomato Special Summons DARK monsters with 1500 or less ATK.

So, try using all of your search restrictions to bring up everything that fits the bill. Are you ready? For Effect and Tuner Monsters that can be Special Summoned by all three cards, the answer is…


If you got a different answer, try going back to make sure you’ve got all the right information. Remember, you need Level 4 or less DARK Zombie-types. They must have 1500 or less ATK, and 2000 or less DEF. Don’t forget to select Effect and Tuner to exclude all the extra results.

Once you’ve got the right answer, congratulations! You’re ready to find anything you’ll ever need using the Card Database.

Why should I sign in with COSSY?

If you are unaware by now, signing in with your COSSY ID unlocks a lot of useful features! First, you gain access to a sweet Deck builder! From any individual card’s page, you can add it to your Deck or Side Deck. Your saved Decks can be printed out for tournaments, or shared online with friends!

Once you’re signed in, you can also start building your own Haves/Wants List. From any card’s page, you can add it to either your Haves List or your Wants List. Use one to keep track of a large collection, and the other to remember what you’re looking for. You can also access other tips and tricks on how to use the Card Database by going to the Blog section in the Logged In menu bar.

With so many great features all in one place, the first place you’ll want to look for Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME information will be the Official Card Database!

*This is accurate as of the Cosmo Blazer release.

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