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Gauntlet Launcher: He’s a Rocketarm-man

May 31st, 2013

Some cards are just simple and effective. Today’s card is one of those cards. No tricks. No crazy ten-minute-long combos. Only rocket fists.


2 Level 6 monsters
You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy it.

Gauntlet Launcher does one thing, and he does it well – He punches stuff and makes it explode. There are other Xyz Monsters that make things explode, but Gauntlet Launcher has a few things that set him apart from Volcasaurus, Adreus, and most other Xyz Monsters.

First, Gauntlet Launcher doesn’t have any restrictions on what monsters he destroys. As long as your opponent has a monster, you can detach an Xyz Material to launch a fist at it. It can be any position, any ATK, any Level or Rank. Nothing is safe.

But the biggest difference between Gauntlet Launcher and his competitors is the “Once per turn” restriction on his effect. Specifically, the complete lack of one! You’re free to blast two monsters at once. You can attack directly afterwards, or just block with Gauntlet Launcher’s impressive 2800 DEF. If you’ve got space in the Extra Deck, you can even upgrade your spent Gauntlet Launcher into Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger!

As a Rank 6 monster, you’ll be needing an abundance of Level 6 monsters to play Gauntlet Launcher. As far as themes go, Hazy Flames are a great choice, since many of their key moves go for Rank 6 Hazy Flame Basiltrice already.  While Basiltrice is nice, it’s not going to take out multiple threats at once. If you’re only using two Xyz Materials, Gauntlet Launcher can step in instead, taking out more cards at a time.

Hieratic Dragons are also a great choice. Thanks to all of their Special Summoning abilities and combos with Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, Hieratics are known for exploding onto the field all at once. Substitute Gauntlet Launcher instead of one of your other Xyz Monsters, and you can safely destroy any monsters in your path before you go all out. You can also use it in Main Phase 2 if you were stymied by Gorz to take it and the Token out.

You can also use it in any Deck that’s packing Trifortressops and at least one other Level 6 monster. Monarchs, Gagagas, Psychics with Trifortressops and Risebell the Star Adjuster, the possibilities are endless. Don’t let Gauntlet Launcher’s minimalist text box fool you – it actually does a whole lot!