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Countdown to Number Hunters: Comics Hero King Arthur and CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur

June 11th, 2013

Since its release in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, Battlin’ Boxer Lead Yoke has attracted a lot of attention for its survivability and subsequent massive ATK strength. But as a card limited to Battlin’ Boxer Decks only, other Warrior-based Decks like Noble Knights and Ninjas have lost out – until now! Number Hunters introduces Comics Hero King Arthur, an easy to Summon option for Warrior Decks that are looking for a sturdy Xyz Monster with big ATK!


Arthur starts out at 2400 ATK, but each time he would be destroyed by battle, he can detach an Xyz Material instead. When he does, he gains 500 ATK and inflicts 500 damage to the opponent. To get rid of it, your opponent will have to come up with a card effect to destroy it, or Summon a monster bigger than 2400, then another monster bigger than 2900 after Arthur beats down the first one, and then later a 3rd monster that’s bigger than 3400 after Arthur slays the 2nd one!

Untimely effect-based demise is a concern for Arthur to be sure, but his effect makes him work really well with common protective cards like Forbidden Dress and Forbidden Lance. Who cares if Arthur is temporarily weakened if he’s just going to survive the battle and get huge? Furthermore, he has an upgraded form that starts with 3000 ATK and can only be defeated in battle by a tag team of 2 gargantuan monsters – not a likely scenario!


Once per turn CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur can’t be destroyed by battle. And if you upgraded Comics Hero King Arthur, you get a nice little bonus – the ability to banish monsters destroyed by battle and inflict damage equal to their ATK! The destruction isn’t automatic like a Volcasaurus, but you also don’t have to play with any Level 5 monsters or Level modifying cards in your Deck so your strategy will flow more smoothly. And more importantly, you banish the destroyed monster making it difficult for it to return to impact the Duel again. But, if you still need point and click destruction, you can just grab a Super Starter: V for Victory this weekend and add Number C39: Utopia Ray V to your Deck! Remember, your Extra Deck should be flexible enough to cover a wide variety of situations, so even though two different effects may have a lot in common, each one is best suited to be used at a specific time. And if you don’t have the right card for the job when that situation comes up, you’re bound to get burned!

One Deck that Arthur can excel in is Noble Knights. Thanks to Noble Knight Medraut, Noble Knight Gawayn, and Noble Knight Gwalchavad, Noble Knight Decks can quickly, consistently, and constantly Summon Rank 4 Xyz Monsters, especially ones that require Level 4 Warriors as Xyz Material. For more on combos you can use to easily Xyz Summon, check out this article on Noble Knight Gwalchavad from Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.

Number Hunters releases on July 12th, and Super Starter: V for Victory releases this Friday, the 14th. Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy is available now!